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Obama Announces Nearly $100 Million For Autism Research


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The National Institutes of Health is awarding nearly $100 million in grants — the most ever — to research the causes of autism and look for treatments.

The funding is part of $5 billion that’s being awarded by the NIH to study autism, cancer and heart disease, among other conditions. The grants represent half of the NIH funding allotment from the federal economic stimulus package enacted earlier this year.

Collectively, the grants are “the single largest boost to biomedical research in history,” President Barack Obama said at the NIH Wednesday.

The grants also represent the largest single amount of money allotted for autism research.

The funding for autism research will go toward studying the DNA of people with autism and their parents and establishing better diagnostic screening tools. Researchers will also look at prenatal and early life risk factors for autism, test early interventions and adapt treatments known to work with young children so that they can be effective with older kids and adults.

“What we learn will hopefully lead to greater understanding, early interventions, more effective treatments and therapies to help these children live their lives and achieve their fullest potential, which is extraordinary,” Obama said.

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  1. barry51 says:

    Please follow this hypothesis:
    Plastic is the cause of the rapid rise in autism.
    The human brain works primarily by electrical energy. Plastic is an excellent insulator. Plastics photo-degrade; they get smaller but remain as plastic. During the time of fetal neural development, at the moment that the nerves should make connection, they are blocked from doing so by a piece of plastic. I believe the autistic mind produces the same amount of electrical energy and that energy has fewer areas of diffusion. This is evidenced by the heightening the various senses experienced by the autistic individual. Note the rapid rise in autism in the last twenty years and consider the time it would take for the plastics to infiltrate our ecosystem or the direct ingestion of photo-degraded liquid by pregnant women.
    I am aware of how much is said about the effects of plastic but I have never heard of it in the above context; that the plastic itself is acting as insulating particles in the electrically based environment of a developing fetus’s brain resulting in neural dysfunction…as if there was a small piece of plastic blocking the neurons from connecting.
    The easiest way to see this is to take a plastic bottle of drinking water and freeze it. Let it thaw and sit. Turn it upside down, turn it into the light and see the shiny plastic particles descend in the water that you are about to drink. These larger pieces will be filtered out, but what about the particles from this source and the rest of the environment?
    I believe that this hypothesis bears investigation.

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