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Special Education Charter Schools Mulled In Texas


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After a failed attempt to institute special school vouchers for students with disabilities, Texas legislators are set to consider creating charter schools especially for these students.

The idea is to give parents options beyond public schools and pricey private placements. The charter school proposal comes after a plan was not approved last year to create an educational voucher system for students with special needs.

But the charter idea is already facing serious questions, as paying for and justifying special charters for students with disabilities will likely be an uphill battle.

Some advocates are concerned that segregated schools could be unlawful and problematic since federal law mandates that students with disabilities be educated in the “least restrictive environment.” Plus, there are concerns about accountability among charters that currently exist in Texas, reports the Houston Chronicle. To read more click here.

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Comments (4 Responses)

  1. teacher333 says:

    I thought the idea was to include these children in inclusive classroom settings in order for them to attain their maximum capabilities. If we look to create “special” schools to have only children with special needs, aren’t we taking a major step backward in our educational thinking?

  2. dezello says:

    teacher333…you wouldn’t think that way if you were a parent of a special needs child who had terrible services that we’ve been fighting for SIX years in the public schools. I’m SO ready to pull my son out of school and keep him at home. Sad thing is…my husband is a counselor in the district and we STILL can’t get an acceptable much less good education for our son.

  3. sunnidayrain says:

    I agree with dezello. Yes it is ideal that they would be in a least restrictive environment. However the truth is that many kids that have “invisible” disabilities just cant do well in a regular setting and the powers that be cant and wont make appropriate accomotations and supervision that they need. I am an adoptive mom to 3 children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome , Reactive attachment Disorder, bipolar, ADHD and more and I had to pull them out of public school and homeschool them. It is not because I am a homeschooling guru or nutjob. The school failed to recognize one child as being emotionaly disturbed and fell for his false allegations and failed to see that they all need supervision and dont know about safety and let my middle child roam around an open campus because she was lost and she caught pnemonia and my youngest child went in the classroom and tore up everyones work and had a meltdown and they could not console her and they just called me to come pick her up because they didnt know what to do with her. Public school was a nightmare for 4 years.. and it had to come to an end for the safety of my family. Private special education cost as much as going to college.. X 3 for our family and so we could not afford it. I WISH I there was a public special education charter school.

  4. Jackson says:

    This legislation was written by ALEC and is being pushed in several states. It is a transfer of public money to the corporate elite at ALEC. Youtube “Mark Pocan ALEC education” and you will see him address this exact same issue on the floor of the Wisconsin legislature.

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