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School District Offers Private Tuition On The House


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Some New York City kindergartners with disabilities are lucking out. They’ll head to private schools this fall at taxpayer expense because there’s simply no room for them in public schools.

The nation’s largest school district could not find places in its public school classrooms for more than 600 kindergarten students with disabilities. So, they’re offering to pay for the kids to attend private schools instead.

The move is expected to cost an average of $36,000 per student for the year.

A glitch in a new computer system designed to track the district’s special education students is being blamed for the placement failure, reports the New York Daily News. To read more click here.

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  1. anditheslp says:

    I hope the private school teachers are certified to work with special ed students. It has been my experience that because most private school teachers don’t have state certification, they don’t have the training and experience to know what to do for the many disabilities they may encounter. Not to mention that private schools usually do not have speech therapists, or other additional services mandated by the IEPs.

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