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Special Education Teacher Allegedly Mocks Students On Facebook


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An Alabama teacher is under fire for allegedly making fun of his students with disabilities on his Facebook page.

Celeste Dennis said she was outraged to find that her son’s second-grade teacher had posted disparaging remarks and photos on Facebook regarding her son and other students in his special education class.

In one photo, the teacher, Jeremy Hollinger, is wearing a helmet that Dennis says her son uses during physical education class because he experiences seizures.

Other postings on Hollinger’s Facebook page include comments about students who eat crayons or go to the bathroom on themselves.

Officials with the Mobile County Public Schools say they’ve taken “appropriate measures” to address the situation, but declined to comment further.

For her part, Dennis said she transferred her son to another school and would like to see Hollinger removed from the classroom.

“It takes a special type of person to deal with special children, and he is not that person,” Dennis told WALA, the Mobile, Ala. FOX affiliate. To read more click here.

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Comments (3 Responses)

  1. metsfan61 says:

    In schools, we have zero tolerance for bullying, which can be through words or actions. Making fun of someone with a disability, speaking of them in an insulting way, or taking a photograph mocking them is a form of bullying. This man is the worst form of bully and he should know better. He should have his license taken away. Paid administrative leave? How insulting to the children in his class that he so carelessly used as the butt of his “jokes.” Parents of children with disabiltiites trust their vulnerable students to these teachers placing their confidence in them that they will educate, help, and show compassion toward them. Shame on you Mr. Hollinger! Find a career more suited to you, clearly special education isn’t it.

  2. mjm6783 says:

    This is probably an extreme example, but the sad fact is that many of the special education teachers in this country are under-qualified and often unprofessional. The irony is that it actually takes a MORE competent and experienced teacher to truly serve these children with disabilities. There are some amazing educators whose patience and empathy are truly a blessing to those who would have otherwise been isolated and ostracized. But there are also individuals like this teacher in Alabama, who disgrace the position.

  3. disabilitiesrightsadvocate says:

    This story is a sick example of the things that occur across the nation, most of which we never hear about. There have to be lines that are more succinct and consequences that set the standard. This teacher is an idiot clearly and i agree with you both.

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