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Millions Headed To States For Disability Assistance


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Nearly every state will soon get more federal funding to help people with disabilities obtain services in the community.

Officials at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced last week that some $25 million will begin flowing to states to help support local Aging and Disability Resource Centers. The agencies are designed to help people with disabilities learn about and access community-based services.

“We want these programs to serve as high-performing ‘one-stop shop’ models across the country,” said Marilyn Tavenner, acting administrator of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Initially eight states will be selected to receive funding in order to establish a national model for administering assistance, officials said.

Up to 40 states are expected to participate within the next three years.

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Comments (6 Responses)

  1. hdemic says:

    Hopefully thet will cut out most of these middle man agencies that just take money and do nothing.
    mother of young disabled adult in west mich

  2. Disabled says:

    What are the 8 states selected for funding for the initial program? I hope Georgia is one, we really need help here.

  3. Sonja L says:

    Hardly a drop in the bucket compared to what is given to our bloated military budget. That couldn’t cover the costs of special needs care in California schools, much less be considered a “gift” for all states. The Nation’s priorities are so skewed….

  4. gary rubin says:

    medicade/ medcare needs to stop playing around they talk about makeing things better but the thing is they talk about cut cut cut like we mean nothing and thats not right so before they talk about progams they need to look even harder

  5. Pamela Donovan says:

    Can there be more postings and information on which stated will recieve funding and what kind of National Model will be accepted? Will NJ be in the list of first states to recive funding?

  6. Thomas C. Weiss says:

    The way the programs are organized is essential. People with Disabilities need to be able to reach for resources from a single source and receive them as they need them. The source needs to be well organized, have the resources to provide, and People with Disabilities need to receive reasonable, usable options through this source. If the states are able to provide this and the program works – great; if not, such a source must be organized.

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