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DJ Apologizes For Mocking Woman With Disability


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An Ohio radio disc jockey is apologizing after publicly ridiculing a woman with Down syndrome who mistakenly called his station.

Kellie Christine Baker, who has Down syndrome, was trying to reach a friend when she misdialed and reached the DJ known as “Mo” at WDJQ in Alliance, Ohio. Rather than tell Baker, 30, that she had the wrong number, Mo made fun of her speech and laughed at the woman. He subsequently played the conversation on air.

Outraged, Baker’s family blogged about the incident and speaking out appears to have made a difference. Mo made an on-air apology late last week and said his station will be working with local developmental disabilities organizations on an awareness campaign.

“At the time of the call I honestly believed it was a prank,” he said. “However that doesn’t excuse what happened or what I did. I take full responsibility.”

Over the weekend, Mo visited Baker in person and reportedly choked up when they hugged.

“She told him, ‘Don’t ever make fun of me again. This is my real voice. And I don’t want this to happen ever again,'” Baker’s mother told The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch of her daughter’s meeting with the DJ. To read more click here.

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Comments (4 Responses)

  1. Rob Stuart-Vail says:

    On behalf of my down syndrome granddaughter and all the others who are disabled, for whom I wish long and happy lives, I thank Disability Scoop for covering stories like this. Keep it coming!

  2. nancy Karr says:

    I feel that some disc jokey’s take their humor to a level of offensiveness, rudeness and hostility that will eventually get them into very hot water. What is the difference between humoring someone and making fun of them at their expense, and is this akin to Bullying? We as thinking and feeling people need to step back and consider what words we choose when being funny, sarcastic or sardonic.As my grandmother taught me. Engage brain before putting mouth into gear!

  3. 4nugrands says:

    This is why we need to continue educating. He seemed to be very welling to correct this situation (probably through job threats). Everything works together for a purpose. How astute this lady was in her effort to work with, and educate him.

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