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White House Urged To Raise SSI Limits


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A federal agency is calling on the president to raise the asset limit imposed on people with disabilities receiving Supplemental Security Income for the first time in decades.

In a letter to President Barack Obama this week, the chair of the National Council on Disability, Jeff Rosen, said significant updates to the SSI program are needed.

Currently, individuals receiving SSI benefits can have no more than $2,000 to their name at any given time, a limit that’s been in place since 1989. The council is asking the president to increase the amount to $10,000 with allowances for the figure to continue to rise with inflation. Additionally, the agency wants to see adjustments made to the way that SSI benefits are impacted when an individual earns money from a job, for example.

“SSI beneficiaries face the most severe levels of poverty of any group of Social Security beneficiaries,” Rosen wrote on behalf of the council, an independent federal agency charged with advising Congress and the president on disability issues. “We urge you to incorporate common-sense program reforms to SSI designed to improve beneficiary well-being and enhance the ability of SSI beneficiaries to participate in the workforce.”

The need for change is particularly urgent, Rosen said, with individuals who have disabilities disproportionately impacted by the sequester and other federal budget cuts.

“It is vital that current law be altered to allow SSI beneficiaries to save in order to blunt the impact of current and future cuts,” he wrote, calling the reforms “long overdue.”

Beyond SSI, the National Council on Disability also urged Obama to make it easier for people with disabilities to keep Medicaid coverage even as their income rises or if they move across state lines.

White House officials did not respond to requests for comment on the recommendations.

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Comments (47 Responses)

  1. Valerie Findley says:

    This is overdue and important. My daughter lost two months of SSI benefits (her only income) because she had a few dollars over the $2000 limit on her bank statement when Social Security administration did a routine review. She had outstanding checks that in our accounting was money she did not have, but they had not been cashed at the time of the review. This is ridiculous, and cruel, first of all because she actually did not have those funds, and moreover, the $2000 limit prohibits a person receiving these benefits from saving for a large purchase, such as an accessible vehicle or other needed equipment or support. We will be following this announcement closely and will actively advocate for its implementation.

  2. WarriorMom says:

    Many people with disabilities, living on SSI are forced to live in very low-income housing projects where many “thugs’ hang out and rule the roost. They become victims of sexual abuse, robbery, beatings and rape because they can not defend themselves. Though, the government looks at it this way, “hey, if they get killed there, we won’t have to pay out every month.” People in jail get 3 hot meals/day, free medical care and medicine, cable t.v., hot showers, work out areas and basketball courts. The disabled get to live in severe poverty and fear. Something seriously WRONG with this.

  3. Scott Hoover says:

    As someone who works with SSI and SSDI beneficiaries wishing to return to work, I can concur that the artificial asset limits imposed on SSI beneficiaries can be detrimental to their overall success in re-integrating into the workforce. I am pleased to see an effort being made to raise awareness and draw attention to this important issue in helping to create a more equitable opportunity for individual economic advancement. In my opinion, raising the asset limit for SSI beneficiaries will effectively promote self support beyond the dependency on federal programs.

  4. Kath says:

    right on! It is about time. darn ssi is a joke. I have 3 disabled people in my home 2 are my children and 1 is my sister and we can’t get crap. SSI is making us pay back $8500.00 and I think they are wrong. Need to find the money to hire a lawyer to double check it for me I am so confused about it all.

  5. Russell Campbell says:

    I wish they would raise the payment amount to an amount that would allow for an apt rental, instead of being just below normal rental rates. or make SSDI/SSI recipient automatically eligible and receive section 8 voucher. Too many of the homeless today are SSI recipients and stuck in a cycle of homelessness simply because they can not afford housing. Open the section 8 waiting lists, get those who have income to afford regular housing OFF section 8 and move disabled up automatically, not just on paper but in reality.

  6. cathy says:

    I agree that this overhaul is long overdue. It is to the point where we are afraid for our son to receive monetary gifts for birthdays and holidays because of how they will impact his SSI. Heaven forbid they have a small cushion in their bank account in case of an emergency – it sends up a red flag and requires a mountain of paperwork and phone calls to iron out.

  7. Charlie Bean says:

    Are you kidding me? Raise the amount of savings allowed to meet the blunt cuts of the future? Come on, raise the monthly allotment will be a start, not what the total assets alone are. Yes, assets need to be raised, but when I hear some one complaining about low minimum wages, I wonder how I make it? For those making minimum wages make twice I do. Yes, increase the asset level, but di the right thing first increase our monthly allotments!

  8. Darlene Lebron says:

    It’s not only the DD people that need help, what about the physically disabled people not living in group homes, here in NYS you get 797.00 per month after you pay rent and try to keep your utilities paid there is nothing left, even with the little help we get from HEAP there is nothing for clothing transportation etc. We really need to get some help, people are living in deplorable conditions because of this.

  9. Toma Saine says:

    I think people on disability & only gets Social security should also get included. The people that have worked all their lives can only get Medicare. The people that have never worked or worked very little gets medicare & medicaid. What is wrong with this picture?

  10. AKD says:

    Glad to see these much-needed and common-sense reforms coming to the surface. In my opinion, $10,000 is still a very modest cushion, especially if the individual is trying to save up for a larger purchase. But the bigger issue is probably raising the amount that can be earned before it affects monthly benefits. The numbers should add up so that those who can work some are able to pursue employment opportunities without losing their safety net while they do so. Requiring people to live on the edge instead of trying to do their best means we all lose.

  11. marie camp says:

    SSI beneficiaries need a little more in their nest egg. The cost of living is outrageous and I just get by, barely.Congress needs to take a hard look on disability but these mostly greedy and thinking about themselves.

  12. Nancy H. says:

    What about people that have worked all of their lives and get a disability??? We have worked all of our lives and to reward us we get a tiny bit of money more than those on S.S.I. and we only get Medicare. Once I subtract the cost of a medicap policy, I have less money than those on S.S.I. What is wrong with that picture??? As a result, I had to go without the medigap policy so that I could keep a roof over my head. I know I’m going to get blasted for some of these comments but I’m sick and tired of trying to struggle to work and risking my health just to “buy into” the medicaid system (there is a loop-hole for that in N.J.) for what other people get for never worked and get for free.

  13. robin says:

    The $2000 limit is rediculous. It does not allow a disbled recipeint to save enough for a rental deposit. The current limit keeps them dependent. This low limit wastes goverment salaries by having them punitively follow recipeints and bully them into returning their benefits if they go even a few cents over. My son is going thru this right now. I caculated that he was 11 cents over one month and 13 cents over another month. I asked for a waiver and they refused to allow it.

    Why can’t they simply deduct the overage from his benefit instead of making him give all the money back?

    The SSA really needs to be overhauled. Their assumptions are just rediculous. For example they told me the LESS people in the household the MORE money he would be entitled too. They assume that all the houshold members are financial contributers even if they are disabled minor children.

  14. robin says:

    Nancy, I understand your frustration. Have you considered that children born with disabilities would like nothing better than to have been born without them and would gladly work and take their place in our society? They (as well as their parents) have had nothing but a lifetime of frustration trying to be educated along side their peers but have been left behind because no one cares enough to make sure they are properly educated? Only those who have wealthy parents ro at least parents who can afford a lawyer are the only ones who may be able to enter the work force? My son was crushed when he did not get a baking assistant job for which he was very qualified. His slow speech and thought processing (even tho he has 100+ IQ) did not make a favorable impression with the interviewer even tho they called him only 20 minutes after he submitted his qualifications. He would gladly go work a 40 hour job if someone would give him a chance.

  15. Jean D says:

    After a lot of effort my daughters are working and receiving SSI. SSI is very difficult to cope with and they take money from these young people because they went out and started working despite tremendous odds against them. They don’t make much. They should be totally applauded, they have disabilities, they don’t curse, hurt anyone, or cause trouble. To take away any SSI benefit once the amount earned exceeds $85.00 is arbitrary and absurd. The government pays people to study my daughter’s pay checks to determine how much to deduct! This type of stuff is why America is unraveling.

  16. Anonymous says:

    SSI recipients don’t get equal protection under the law, and need it the most.

    As for me, I lost my rightful insured status and now am on SSI. My daughter was born with a disability and is on SSI from a very young age.

    I want to start a business and am trying to form an LLC, and am pulling my hair trying to figure out if it will be excluded under the PESS.

    They make it harder for people on SSI. If they had given me my rightful benefits, I would have been getting SSDI.

    I’m also worried about my child which is also on SSI. She probably will never be able to get on SSDI and will be forced to live in poverty forever.

  17. Janice Laine says:

    The $2,000.00 limit is absurd. And NO life insurance policies for burials are allowed.This is unfair and outrageous!! SSI recipients can barely find a place to live based on their income and many have to live in shelters and the streets! A minimum monthly income of SSI should be raised to $600.00 in CA. NO CUTS EVER! Food Stamps should be issued @ $300.00 a month for 1 person and should be made available to all citizens on SSI. The U.S. government is sending tax dollars (in the BILLIONS) of AID to other foreign countries which is UNFAIR to America’s elderly and disabled*

  18. rv keith morton says:

    Hey they need to hurry i can not find insuarance for my disabled wife so i had to
    Quit the only good paying job i ever had and go back to working a walmart
    Or devorce my wife of 33 years so my wife can keep her medicaid

  19. Penny says:

    Don’t even think of marriage if you are disabled since birth and on ssi. If you are both disabled on ssi you’ll lose $350. as a married couple from your measly $710. each per month. If one is not disabled, the disabled one on ssi will lose the ssi.
    Nice, huh? I guess disabled people have no right to marriage.

  20. brat says:

    Ok so that comment about marriage is not true. If one is disabled and the other is not u only lose a small amount of money if they work. If they don’t u lose nothing

  21. Heather says:

    The best thing would make the rules for SSI the same as SSDI. We need a safety net too, we can not invest the smallest amount even if we had a little extra at the end of the month. The limits put us in peripheral life of Super Poor with no legal safety net when we get old. Then their is the month stiffen for both SSI AND SSDI, thous that worked in some cases most off their life’s should get more for their SSDI a reasonable % of what they would get if they worked to SS income age. SSI is well below the min wage here in CA, and they make it mostly imposable to work (if one can) even a few hours a week and live (keep your healthcare) and bogged down in debt to just keep a roof over your head at the same time but then if your dead they don’t have to pay.

  22. Darci Parks says:

    Hello My name is Darci Parks, I am thirty years old and in a wheelchair, I am currently living with my parents and with Supplemental Security Income of $473.34 a month, I want to move out on my own but I can’t afford to if this is true I would greatly appreciate it if President Obama would raise the SSI amount.

  23. SH says:

    How come this is the only place I can see an article like this? Every other page is not from this year or links back to here. What can I do to help something like this go into affect? I live on SSI and at the moment, am not working. I am, however, searching for part-time, low-skill work. Due to the $2000 limit imposed upon me, should I want to try and become independent, I will actually lose money working anything less than full-time. This would mean that I would be in a constant state of needing and not needing SSI on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. I do not own a car because anything at or less than $2000 is going to break down within a few months. I don’t want a sports car. I want something that works properly and am willing to, at least in part, work for it. $10,000 would be wonderful, but I would be fine with as low $5000. I don’t hoard money, nor do I want people to have to pay into a system that allows me to live above their own means. I just want a half-decent living and to not be scared that I am going to lose my only (as of now) source of income for trying to improve myself.

  24. David H says:

    I receive 698.00 per month, that is all I have to live on it pays my rent and after a few bills I have on the average I have about 68.00 left. I do receive snap that was 78.00 dollars a month but the Senate put that down to about, 38 dollars now. I am bed bound, I can’t get to he food banks like others so I depend on my caregiver but sometimes he isn’t here. That means I will have to go hungry sometimes and in my condition that isn’t a good thing. I have no family that I can count on because they are struggling to survive as I. I am speaking also for others like me. We need help. My last raise was 20.00 that was two years ago. Live on that and you will know poverty. Others feel as though this is a way to rid the elderly and sick and use the money for other things like a tip for a waitress or waiter.

  25. Greg says:

    This is long overdue. Why is there a limit at all? The limits should be abolished. I think the whole system needs better medical review. Tests annually for review. I know people whose disabilities are no more and they still get a check. This should be stopped. I also know friends who go to college take college for 20 years with no intention of graduation because they know its free; yet they get disability. They learn graphic design, child care, business English and so many other classes. If they have those brains. They need to be kick off ssi and get working and bot being a career student

  26. Greg says:

    I agree with David H. I receive 960 a month and at most get a $20 cola a year. Try living on that in socal. They should let us save unlimited monies, let us have at least $3k a month. Stop the section 8 program and let us have straight cash and say go find a place. By being disabled they should not make it so that we are feeling punished for being disabled.

  27. living in mississippi says:

    the gov has to be out their minds if they feel like we as humans can live off of 710 a month that is the biggest insult of ssi they should really do better on this program i live in one of the poorest states in the country and i still cant manage with the small amount yes it was fine growing up as a kid but now that im grown and my legal guardian has passed i have to be my own man which requires transportation to get to doctor an hospital and food an bills and clothing and ect and its just not possible with the 710 a month i suffer from sickle cell diese and its times where i have to pay for needs while in the hospital which cuts me short of my home funds i have tried to work but my illiness wont allow me to make real money and im sick of seeing people in nice homes and cars while im usually living in a slumed out project which is unsafe and on top of that im also a dad which makes it really hard to manage and ill be honest breaking the law with illegal trades are bout the only way one can win with this cruel system the gov has us in i mean its not our fault we were bron with illinesses and we really deserve more im 35 and i fell like a fool sitting round waiting on the mailman every month cause that lil 710 only last 2 weeks before its all gone AND HOLIDAYS ARE THE WORST TIMES CAUSE IT REALLY ISINT ENUFFTO ENJOY HOLIDAYS i mean we should be allowed up to 10k in savings and atleast 1500 a month which would boost the economy and also help alot of people on ssi so yes it would be a blessing for MR OBAMA TO GRANT US THIS WISHFUL BLESSING as we have suffered to long

  28. Greg says:

    Why is it that the govt get get away with mandating a higher minimum wage by saying you can’t live on it and support a family but the gov’t lets the disabled who get ssi live in poverty? A tad hypocritical? I think so

  29. Hugh J says:

    I’m surprised that this article didn’t mention the other colossal stupidity in current SSI rules: the fact that SSA will completely exempt one car regardless of value but the second car is counted toward resource calculation. That means that an individual can own a $90,000 Escalade without having it counted as an asset whereas a family of five that needs two cars will have even a junk Corolla counted against the $3,000 asset limit.

    Since they clearly have the ability to determine the market value of a car (which is how they exempt the higher value vehicle and calculate the amount the second vehicle contributes to asset calculation) why not set a ceiling value of vehicle ownership at a dollar amount? Say, $15,000, so you can either own one newish $15k vehicle or two $7.5k crappier ones if you need two cars, etc.

  30. jennifer says:

    SSI payments are now $721. so they gave a 1.5% cost of living raise to those receiving SSI. but it’s still not enough. Here in Chicago, every landlord has income restrictions. You must have a monthly income of $1,000; $1,200; etc. So on SSI you can’t even qualify for the rattiest of apartments. like everyone else is saying only the projects. Single Room Occupancies even have income restrictions. It’s like landlords are able to discriminate without it looking like discrimination. So like someone said they should automatically give SSI recipients section 8.

    I also feel like SSI discourages you from working. If you work at all part time or full time, your SSI payment is reduced so instead of supplementing you SSI income, you’re pretty much staying at the same dirt poor level. Then with food stamps, they will reduce your food stamp allotment if you get SSI and they feel like you can buy food with the money you have left over after paying rent. Forget saving anything, forget hygiene, clothing, or any recreation. Meanwhile people who are able mind and body and can work but would rather play the system, get full food stamp benefits

  31. Josh says:

    Jennifer is so correct.

  32. jason says:

    HI everyone I have read all your comments and All I can say is BLAME BLAME BLAME the republican congress these republican does not care about disability peoples all of them think of rich n pig for themselves again use common sense vote for democrat not republican I have seen a disability votes for republican what a jokes these dirty filthy republican can destroyed your life and your social security use common sense republican are not your friends they use you as a vote as a two face taking advantage from you voting them like a dumb don’t vote for republican vote democrat who really cares for an average and middle class peoples don’t be stupid open your eyes and vote democrat this is why I vote democrat in my whole life because I know who these monster dirty working republican does never ever vote republican use your brain vote democrat period.

  33. Greg says:

    Got news for you. The Dems have had control of congress for 40 years. In those years. At most I got a a 30 cola. They have kept us in poverty also. Never do they fight for a living disability benefit. I blame them even more because they are not fighting for disabled people because they are not the donors to the party

  34. Fawn Burnette says:

    Save are you kidding I live so far below poverty, I can not even pay a civil suit which has my license suspended, people drive me to Dr.s’ appointments and the state gets billed at $87.00 per hour. Everybody else is able to make an above poverty level income off me and those like me. Makes no sense.

  35. Darian brown says:

    I hOpe this happen soon people with disabilities deserve to be treated better. Struggling to survive is not a way to live. This idea could help a lot of people and charge lives. People with disabilities are human too and deserve to live in a decent apartment in a decent neighbourhood.

  36. SP Wells says:

    Although I’m finding this article a year later, I was grateful to find it this morning, and validated to read the comments. I get SSDI, which was supplemented by SSI, until February. SSI digs into everyone’s bank accounts, and what do you know? They discovered that I was a co-signer on my elderly mother’s bank account. With all that was going on in my life and caring for an elderly parent, it never occurred to me that I needed to report that to SSI. My mother died in November of last year. There was a lot to do after that, taking care of her business, her memorial service, the holidays. We buried her ashes towards the end of January. I had just started to relax a bit, and think about my future, when I got hit with an overpayment charge of $2600 because SSI went back three years and counted my mother’s income as my asset. It really says a lot that in a 3-year period, counting my income and my mother’s, that was all they could come up with was $2600.

    And that’s not all. After years of requesting my mother’s help for dental work, my mother finally consented, cashed in part of an insurance policy and gifted me the money to pay for my dental work. I made the big mistake of putting that money into my account so I could pay the dentist, and now that gift is also being counted against me as income. They are also counting a savings account that both my parents opened in 1992, and that my mother had me sign onto 3 years ago, so that I could do things for her. She was in the beginning stages of dementia and was really having trouble with keeping track of her bills, and doing weird things with her documents. (For example, she inadvertently shredded the title to her car.) Well, years of taking care of an elderly parent, and trying to have a life myself, now I am supposed to remember everything my mother did with her money over the last 3 years? I honestly cannot do it.

    I got a lawyer through a county legal service at no cost, and hopefully she can straighten it out so I don’t have to pay this $2600, either through a reconsideration or a waiver of the overpayment. But the local SSI office took weeks to process our paperwork, so SSDI is already withholding 10% of my Social Security. I already lost the SSI benefit. In the last two months, I have lost $243 a month of my income. I will never voluntarily go back on SSI again.

    I do expect a small inheritance, less than 10K, but certainly more than the 2K resource limit. I don’t own a home. It seems unreasonable that one person with the asset of a home gets to keep it, but because someone else without the privilege of home ownership, can’t have enough resources to buy a travel trailer for a home, not that I feel a home owner should lose their home because it’s worth more than 2K. In order to protect that inheritance, I plan on applying to be a “Qualified Medicare Beneficiary.” Essentially the benefits are the same as being on Medicare/Medicaid, but the beneficiary gets to have $7160 in resources. My attorney says this is a good plan.

    I was taught Yankee practicality and to just go out and “spend down” $5000-7000 in a month seems ludicrous and wasteful. It forces people to be dependent in order to live in poverty. If it weren’t for a good friend who rents me a studio very cheaply, I would be homeless. Where can a person live–food, rent, utilities, let alone clothing, uncovered medical expenses, car repairs, etc etc–on $650 a month. And perchance a person found a situation like mine, how long will $2000 in resources last if the person needs dental or vision care, or heaven forbid they might live with a pet as a companion. Good luck finding a rental with $650 a month and an old dog who happens to weigh more than 20 pounds.

    Thank you for posting this article, and the opportunity to share my story. For all the people who commented, I thank you for putting your experience out there for me to find and read. I’ll be praying for all of you. You all have my sincerest wishes for a future that helps us rise above poverty. We all need to write to our representatives and senators, and the president. If the government is going after people for money, it should begin with the people and corporations who are hiding money in offshore accounts.

  37. Greg says:

    Reading your story. You and I are living the same life. You are so right about SSI. I am on SSI and I am caring for an elderly parent who wants to add me on her bank account along with my brother. She may have dementia as well. Reading this is an eye opener. I was wondering if I could be on the account. These rules of SSI have got to be abolished. My parents set up a special needs trust for me and monies are in it for living expenses after my mom dies. My brother will administer that truat. That protects me from SSI getting any monies. I did read in my moms AARP magazine that after I die then if SSI have given me say $500,000 over my lifetime then they can come get that money back from my estate. This is called SUPPLEMENTAL SECURITY INCOME, yet it supplements nothing and takes it back at the end of my life. I read you can own a a $90.000 escalade and a House those are not counted as assets but cash in my bank account to pay for things NAH. Your limited to 2k Ridiculous. If I ever had a child, I would never put them on SSI. I am curious about this qualified medicare beneficiary. IF I got on that would I lose my SSI or my medicare supplemented HMO

  38. CARLISA B GREEN says:


  39. Greg says:

    I feel your pain, sadly we are a forgettable commodity to Obama. He argues for a raise in the minimum wage to 10.10 an hour that would be $21,008 a year and says you can’t raise a family on m.w which is $7.25 an hr or $15,080 a year. What about a disabled individual then like me who gets $12,000 a year. Certainly I should get a raise to equal that of the 7.25 an hr and maybe even 10.10 an hr worker because by obama’s own logic that is what is needed to live. But for some reason we don’t count and I can’t figure out why unless they feel we don’t vote or we aren’t the donors to the party so they don’t have to do anything to get our money because we are to poor and we are not able to vote because we are mentally retarded.

  40. angela says:

    I have a sister who is disabled she had a decent apartment even though her income is only 700 $10 a monthsecret great living with a roommate until the apartment complex decided to renovate an increase everyone to rant they also decided that everyone must have a monthly income of 2400 dollars per month so she is now homeless we cannot seem to find it anywhere we have gone to numerous programs even shelters to no avail what are we going to do about this population they know the difference between having a roof over their head and being homeless

  41. Greg says:

    I wish there were rents like that in southern California

  42. robert fortuna says:

    disabled people need the reintroduction of cola for ca. state funds.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I am a 20 year old disabled female. Everything is harder for me because of my age and disability because I am in the middle of everything. I can’t receive this because im too independent, I can’t receive that because im not handicapped enough, but I can’t do this because I am handicapped, and I can’t do that because im not old enough. It’s alot of frustration when all I want to do is go to college get a degree in criminology, have a house and car and not have to worry about where am going to get the funds for this from. The horrible part of it all is that I am only in a wheelchair, the only thing stopping me from working is my legs. I would love to be able to work and have a career. I would love to tell Social Security they can keep their check because it is really stressful. I just got put out. Had to leave SC and come to GA to handle some business, stuck in a hotel room I can’t even pay for, couldnt afford a car. I only receive enough SSI to pay rent, not lights, food, renters insurance, or other necessities being disabled has caused me. So yes raising it would help since saving is not an option but truthfully for the disabled that is only physically disabled, we need to be able to get off SSI and actually have resources that we can work, save, nd be able to live without struggling or just barely making it.

  44. Greg says:

    I would like to see COLA reform also. When the feds give me a cola, the state cuts my cola. I am always treading water. To anonymous I can relate to what you are going through. It’s no picnic living in CA and not being able to support yourself. We need reform Either let us work and earn unlimited monies and truly supplement without financial penalty or give up a true reflection of cost of living. Dump section 8 and give us straight cash. Perhaps something like what auto ins does. Submit rents like a high low bid. They would issue checks Something has to be done.

  45. helen says:

    I am on ssi in Saratoga spring NY I get 740 a month I am homeless and can’t get anything anywhere cause the rents are so high and my ssi is not enough I can’t get housing or hud cause everything is full cause so many people need help I am fighting for my kids back I lost them and can’t even get a place to get them back my kids was with me homeless but I couldn’t get anything to move into so they said bouncing around was not good for them we need more help family being separated so many family are homeless please we need help

  46. amy says:

    They NEED to increase the SSI amount. Im severely disabled, also I’m a single mom of a 6 year or and a 1 week old. My oldest 4 children live with their father, he was granted custody because i could not afford to raise them

  47. robin says:

    i agree, but also ssi people also need more money to live on. for example my daughter is trying to find her a house so she can have her kids back. a three bedroom house, mobile home, or apt. to rent is up to 700,800, or 900 dollars. people on ssi can not afford to rent a home costing that much. they need help to afford one, or have more money, the inflation is very high on housing now a days, ssi people need to save and yes if they save over 2000 they will lose there ssi. i agree that it should go up to 10,000 then it would be little easer on them.

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