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Tech Giant To Recruit Workers With Autism


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A leading software company, with offices in the United States and around the globe, is launching a strategic effort to hire people with autism in order to tap their unique talents.

The Germany-based software giant SAP said that it will recruit individuals with the developmental disorder for jobs as software testers, programmers and data quality assurance specialists.

“SAP sees a potential competitive advantage to leveraging the unique talents of people with autism, while also helping them to secure meaningful employment,” the company said in a statement.

Already, SAP conducted a pilot program in India with six workers on the spectrum employed as software testers, which the company said resulted in improved productivity. A similar pilot is underway in Ireland and plans are in the works for the employment effort to expand to the United States, Canada and Germany this year.

SAP said it is partnering with Specialisterne — a Danish organization that specializes in helping people with autism apply their talents to work in the technology field — to incorporate the new hires into their business.

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Comments (10 Responses)

  1. Karissa Fridley says:

    I am an Employment Specialist with Devereux and I work with individuals who have disabilities. We have a lot of clients that we work with who have Autism and I am so excited to see such a larger organization come on board to hire people like my clients! It’s awesome the direction that society is heading and I am so proud of SAP for being a key player in this initiative!

  2. Patricia E Chandler says:

    Of course it’s good to hire anyone…. Still, exploitation is exploitation. High Functioning Autistic Sufferer’s??? There is so much wrong with this article, I think. Are they going to hire Neurotypicals to recruit, hire, staff, onboard and oversee their progress throughout their employment? Of Course and the “Employment Firm” will no doubt retain a Fee Per Autistic so that, say, a position as a Computer Analysis I, with 1-3 years experience, pays, in NYC $55/hr, the Autistic Individual with an IT IQ of 129, will get $20/hr, with remaining $35/hr going to the Employment Firm, for their recruiting, hiring, staffing, and onboarding services; no one will follow their progress to ensure the work space environment is ergonomically safe, clean, Free Of ADULT BULLIES, and basically conducive to an Individual with Core Personality Traits that “lean towards AS”. I coined this New Personality State. If they hired Me as the Employment Services Firm, I would do it for 0.00/HR! And travel! But hey, that’s just Me, being Autistic ….. I gave 23 solid years to, in 5 States, from entry level associate, starting out in QA Manufacturing to Director Level, as an Expert Computer Technology Professional, as a Trainer, Technical Writer, People, Process and Project Manager up to the Associate Director Level, in the Life Sciences industry for the top Pharma, Biotech, Med Devices and a Managed Health Care companies, internationally and globally, so as an Individual firmly and Proudly, I would Love to do the Sourcing, Recruiting, Hiring, Staffing, Onboarding and ongoing coaching onsite, of these Individuals for SAP. And I would do it for Free until I obtain my 1st College Degree! My CV is up to date. I live in NYC and I Am Ready to go back to Work!

  3. Dr Lois Tannenbaum says:

    This is a wonderful start for individuals with disabilities. However, there are many individuals who have other developmental disabilities who are just as unemployed, and just as capable. I applaud this beginning, but it is just as segregating and discriminating to only hire people in one category of disability, as it is not to hire anyone with a disability. We are constantly trying to move the world towards capacity-based thinking, so why not hire any/all people with disabilities based on their abilities to do the job, and not their classification.

  4. Rosalind grant says:

    Do you provide info about jobs and companies who hire people with any disability ie: mental illness?

  5. Whitney says:

    I called them up. So far they are based in Canada but they have operations in India. It is plans in the works they are only hiring Autism but not much else. It has not reached the United States as far the company said. I think government needs to provide incentives to recruit and train people with Autism/Aspergers in these fields.

  6. Whitney says:

    @Rosalind Grant

    There is a specific reason the company is looking for people with ASD Autistic Specturm Disorder. I believe this program is geared people with Autism because they pay attention to detail that lends to troubleshooting any software problem. We work until we find a solution to software. If the person is mentally disorder that is caused by Autism. Computer stuff is what we are talented in other fields it is hard for us just get one single Interview much less do what is required socially.

    I wish Newsletter posted more jobs for other disabilities come available not the social workers and support network position.

  7. Ryan Shorter says:

    Am a Asperger person seeking employment, can you help in any way, guide direct or leads or employe, thanks for all help.

  8. TurboQueenofEvrythng says:

    THANK YOU Scoop for your service to special populations.

    Half of my heart is thrilled to read this story. The other half HURTS with the pain that my adult child is lower functioning, and there seems to be little hope late in coming for this group growing larger every single day. We dream of winning the lottery so we could provide for her needs privately which I can ASSURE you is the only segment of this population routinely actually getting what they vitally need and deserve presently….especially HOPE.

  9. David Lotito says:

    I am on the autism spectrum and need a job. I just got on disability through social security and need to supplement my income and hopefully not need social security support. Please direct me what to do to get a job through your resources. I have a BA degree. Thank you very much. David Lotito

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