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Google Gets Behind Autism Blood Test


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A company working to develop a blood test to identify children with autism is getting some major backing from Google Ventures.

SynapDx Corporation said that Google Ventures — the venture capital investment arm of Internet-giant Google — led its latest funding round which secured $15.4 million for the company.

Currently, SynapDx is conducting a 20-site study of its blood-based test which is designed to help doctors spot children with autism at younger ages. If successful, the test which relies on RNA gene expression to assess autism risk, would be the first-of-its-kind.

“SynapDx’s use of advanced technologies and multiple analytes to generate the most informative blood test possible is a great example of the type of industry-altering innovation we look for at Google Ventures,” said Krishna Yeshwant, a general partner at Google Ventures, in a statement.

Previous research on the blood test found that it may be able to detect about two-thirds of those with autism, potentially allowing kids to enroll in early intervention programs before symptoms are apparent.

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Comments (6 Responses)

  1. Patricia Chandler says:

    So now, People naturally born with Autistic Personality Traits, like Me, can be aborted during prenatal screening, just like the millions born with an Extra Chromosome, otherwise known as Peoples with Downs? Way to go in acceptance and human rights!

  2. MsAmericanPatriot says:

    @ Patricia

    That is what it looks like to me. Man playing God which he is not.

  3. Michele says:

    There is no autism gene. We don’t know what autism is. We don’t know what causes it. There is certainly no blood test for it. What are these people thinking?

  4. Jon K. Evans says:

    My concern is whether or not the test could confirm the presence of autism in adults. My same concern is when the range of the test would be effective.

  5. Patricia Chandler says:

    Well, at least the reason why I was born this way is finally Crystal Clear and why nothing will stand in my way of earning my Academic Degrees. It is called autism Aspergers Neurotypical because it has to be, today. There will be no “proven” blood test because there is no “gene” on the DNA / rDNA strand to identify. There is no Mutation because there is no such thing! I can’t wait until I graduate with my 1st degree :) ….. We all have to do the research, our homework to find a way to Thrive Together, that’s it and hopefully myself, you all and many others just like Us Will. I know I will never stop trying. That’s why I Am who I Am and I Am Proud of Me.

  6. Cammie says:

    Did you nay-sayers even read the article? This is NOT a pre-natal test. It is a test designed to help in the EARLY diagnosis of children with autism so that early intervention services can begin as soon as possible!
    Everyone knows that the earlier services can begin, the more effective they are in helping the child.

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