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Social Security, SSI Benefits To Rise In 2014


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Monthly payments will increase next year for people with disabilities receiving benefits from Social Security, including Supplemental Security Income.

The Social Security Administration said Wednesday that benefits will rise by 1.5 percent in 2014.

The automatic adjustment known as COLA is intended to account for higher cost-of-living and is triggered by law when inflation goes up.

The change will take effect starting Dec. 31 for the nation’s 8 million SSI recipients and will begin in January for the 57 million Americans receiving Social Security.

With the increase, the maximum federal benefit for an individual receiving SSI will rise from $710 per month to $721. At the same time, the federal ceiling for a couple on SSI will grow from $1,066 per month to $1,082. Many states add to SSI benefits for their residents meaning that actual payments could exceed these caps.

The COLA for 2014 is similar to that seen this year when benefits rose 1.7 percent over last. Prior to that, beneficiaries saw their monthly checks increase more substantially in 2012, jumping 3.6 percent, after seeing no COLA at all in 2010 and 2011 because inflation was too low to warrant an adjustment.

Federal officials were originally scheduled to release information about the COLA for 2014 weeks ago, but the announcement was delayed until now by the government shutdown.

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Comments (20 Responses)

  1. Hank says:

    Although the increase in SSI is welcome, it still leaves persons on SSI struggling to survive on an income that is about 75% of the Federal Poverty Level!

  2. E. Lemke says:

    This is great news!

  3. K Strom says:

    Getting a cost of living raise does not mean that people who live in poverty will come out ahead. With the increase in income comes decreases in other supports. With changes over the past year, I now have less spendable cash per month than what I had last year. For those who live in poverty, there is never a COLA that is truly a cost of living increase. For those who have slightly higher incomes and pay for their Plan B premium, the COLA comes with an increase in the cost of Plan B.

  4. Hazel Rice says:

    So my Soc. Sec. benefits go up 1.5%, but my Medicare Supplement cost is going up 5.2%. The benefit increase will only help a little! I don’t get a choice of the best doctors and treatments with $0 premium supplement programs, so I have to tighten my belt even more!
    My Autistic son’s S.S.I. barely covers his needs now. $11 won’t help very much at all. He’s in school trying to get an education to get a paying job.

  5. Deb Newlin says:

    I work for Southern Indiana Center for Independent Living. This article stated that many states add to SSI benefits for their residents. How do I find out if Indiana is one of those states? If Indiana does this for its disabled residents how can I get the application? Does it need to be done online or is it better to mail it in? I have many in my county that could benefit from this and would be greatly appreciative.

  6. Bluemoon says:

    All good responses. We need more than we get. Should we be complaining ?. Someone has to for us !.

  7. Cindy Sea says:


  8. joseph says:

    I recieve ssi in the state of ri and this month i did not recieve my portion of the payment from the State of Rhode Island do you have any news about these payments

  9. Jed Milam says:

    I get disability check every month ssi for my disability and it is not enough for me to survive after bills and medications and household and hygiene stuff I am pretty much broke after all of that and the department of human services dropped my foodstamps down from twenty dollars to fifteen dollars a month I can not afford a place of my own here in Oklahoma unless I have a roommate honestly it is tough for everyone in this crazy world and everyone should help everyone and do what they can to make it and get along just going up a little bit for myself that is not going to be able to help me or change anything does anyone understand

  10. Pami says:

    They need to raise SSI in Washington State and Nevada to $789 a month that comes from Federal and $12 dollars from State. All disability People need to live better. If you want SSI up to this amount write your representatives so they can help us all out.

  11. Norma says:

    I have been on SS for many years and our income is the worse now that I can ever remember. Someone needs to come live in the real world. Cost of living,, food, rent, gas, clothes etc just keep going up a lot. Many times more than what they were just a few years ago. Prodcuts we buy just keep getting smaller but the pirices keep going up. Our cost of living raise does not begin to be enough to keep up with the cost of everything. I am soon going to be homeless if this continues. By the time I pay my rent, utilities, food, gas, insurance on myself and car I come out in the hole every month. My credit cards are maxed out and I cannot continue to pay rent with the cost of everything. A loaf of bread just keeps getting smaller. It is now all products you keep getting less and paying more. We NEED help. I cannot go to the docter anymore as I Have NO money to pay them. I have been disabled for 50 plus years and I have never seen it this bad. Who can help us. The governent sure does not care anymore. Norma

  12. bill got bed says:

    i heard that the cost of living increase was smaller this year due to some of what we would have gotten went to fund obamacare. is there any truth to this?

  13. Debbie says:

    its pathetic what you seem to think is a “gift” for us that are on ssdi …. ….we did, after all …work for our money …. i cant even get my teeth fixed yet ,,,, those people on medicaid… that did NOTHING to ge their health care, housing, cash assist, food banks,and cell phones !!! tell me again why iv worked from the time i walked out of my mothers house at 16 and never asked the government ……………….. now ……… i qualify for nothing great way to thank a nurse!@@@

  14. Myrna Stevens says:

    Disability, is not the persons, or people fault, but my comment to you is, who is in command? Poverty is a fact, people live in condemned homes, live where they can not effort food, electricity, nor heat in gruel winter months. Where are your hearts and feelings with this kind of conduct.Yes,…it must be nice to sit down to a fine meal, full of all the trimmings,..that would be wonderful. To get a 1.5 per cent increase to these must needed care of the people,.. is an insult to humanity. I am sure people with your capacity is not thinking but of your own personnel gains..Put on your thinking caps…People wake up? This is unacceptable for our strong and fruitful country. No need when you are not thinking of this horrible problem, and contempt of justice, is in line of abuse, in so is the law…


    well waiting for 24 months when you receive disability is ridiculous. and then get the run around not right at all

  16. karen says:

    Hi good morning .. has the increases already taken place and if so are they planning on another increase ? I was also curious I know somebody that is on disability ans they were wondering if now they ended up under phyciatric care now should that be added to the case ..

    Thank you look forward to hearing back so I can let my best friend know the best thing to do ..

  17. pedro a warner-rivera says:

    its ok the increase but, the 1.5 percent can be acomodated to 2,5. it is a gov drag on ss. aarp needs to be strong on that request and not give up. the raise comes in and goes to medicare. its a one way seesaw.

  18. Michael says:

    For those who are married on SSI…I urge you to consider getting a divorce so your income will greatly increase. Keep your love in the heart, but increase your ability to live without fear. If you have expensive cable and phone packages, try to use one deal for a year and when it expires, try another deal and move around to get savings. Like switch to ATT with their deal for a year, then shut them down for a week and re-open an account with them for another year of savings. Might save up to $100 a month. If you must have cell phones go with the $40 a month pay as you go and get unlimited everything. Use sensible conservative ideas and relax, and enjoy your life.

  19. marie says:

    are we goes to get a increase in may 20014 for ssi

  20. mariah says:

    Hi I’ve been on SSI and disability for 5years I only get 700 for a while I only received 500 I have a mental illness paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar I feel I should get more money because I cannot work but I do have to survive so am I getting the max?what is the max for SSI and what is the max for disability?
    -Mariah garcia

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