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Feds Earmark Millions For Disability Housing Assistance


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Federal housing officials are putting $120 million on the table to help thousands of people with disabilities access rental assistance.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development said Tuesday that state housing agencies can apply now through May 5 for a share of the funding that’s intended to help prevent homelessness and unnecessary institutionalization of those with disabilities.

The money is available under HUD’s Section 811 Project Rental Assistance Demonstration Program, an initiative created through a 2010 law designed to expand community-based housing options for people with disabilities.

To participate, state housing agencies must work with local Medicaid and health and human services agencies to identify and assist individuals with disabilities who require long-term services and supports to live independently in the community.

The money is tagged to help those with disabilities who earn less than 30 percent of their area’s median income, officials said.

Similar funding was distributed for the first time last year to 13 states, making available some 3,500 new housing units many of which went to help people transitioning out of institutions. At that time, advocates said that 35 states had applied to participate in the new program, highlighting the demand for housing aid.

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Comments (5 Responses)

  1. Halle says:

    I asked my mental health casemanager about how to get into housing through this program as I had heard that my mhcare agency participates in it. I was informed that since I am no longer homeless or addicted I would not qualify. I know this program helps a great number of people but again because I have saught help and been able to make my situation a little better (although I face homelessness each month & pay 82 % of my income for my apartment and BASIC utilities) there is no help for me still. It may sound selfish but I am still upset and risk being back on the streets any day.

  2. Cindy Cadenhead says:

    I am in need of housing for myself in Naples FL and since the govt. recently took $ from my montly check for medicare my funds are limited. I’m looking for a studio or 1 bedroom that will allow my very small dog.

  3. evelyn says:

    i see so much about different mental illness. why is no trying to help those like me who have D.I.D? how can i find at who has the money spoke of in article “feds earmark millions for housing assistance” by shaun heasley

  4. Loie says:

    Please clearly list the: PHONE NUMBER, Address and PRINTABLE APPLICATION!
    Thank YOU,
    Lois Brooks
    Avondale, AZ

  5. ability watchdogs for disabled says:

    ITS TOO BAD ALL THEASE BENEFITS NEVER SEEM TO GET TO VERY MANY OF THE DISABLED THEY ARE INTENDED FOR. The Regional centers and gov agencies always seem to loose track of the monies and forget who they are serving . Humm.. do ya think they are too focused on self serving themselves? I am so sick of this closed eyed gov and the fraud and double standards . this money isnt for the disabled and they never get the benefit so i say GOV, over see and change regionl centers and your agencies they are stealing and there is cooruption. i have proof of intimidation and threats to the disabled by your workers and i aint afraid to utube it. there will be a right time soon and i urge others to do the same. record everything so we can change the fraud and reclaim our told benefits. Ca IRC inland regional center is a good place to start. just contact the disabled they will tell you all about it andall the same stories . The ability watchdogs are not backing down til changes are made!

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