Donations Decline At Autism Speaks

Fundraising totals are down at the nation’s largest autism advocacy group, according to newly released financial data.

Autism Speaks Sees Leadership Change

The longtime chair at the nation’s largest autism advocacy group is stepping aside.

Autism Speaks Putting New Focus On Adults

After prioritizing the needs of children for years, the nation’s largest autism advocacy organization is turning its attention to expanding housing options and supports for adults.

Lawmakers Urge Feds To Listen To Autism Self-Advocates

Members of Congress are calling on the Obama administration to take into account the concerns of self-advocates as the federal government works to implement new autism legislation.

Obama Signs Autism Act Renewal

With little fanfare, President Barack Obama signed a reauthorization of the nation’s primary autism legislation that includes more than a billion dollars in federal funding.

Autism Act Clears House

Congress is one step closer to renewing the nation’s primary autism legislation.

Congress To ‘Combat’ Autism No More

In a win for self-advocates, lawmakers said this week that they will no longer seek to include the term “combating” in the title of the nation’s primary autism legislation.

Groups Want Federal Autism Dollars Reallocated

With the nation’s primary autism legislation set to expire soon, some disability advocates are pressing for major changes in the federal government’s approach to the developmental disorder.

Noted Self-Advocate Cuts Ties With Autism Speaks

A prominent self-advocate is resigning from his post with Autism Speaks citing “destructive” public statements from the organization’s leadership and their disinterest in his ideas.

Video Of Self-Advocate Silenced By School Board Goes Viral

When a 14-year-old went before his local school board to take issue with the implementation of his IEP, he was rebuffed and now video of the incident is going viral.

Stars Lend Voices To Support Autism

Cher, Jack Black, Bryan Cranston and Jim Parsons are among a handful of celebrities willing to liven up your phone’s voice mailbox as part of an autism fundraiser.

Science Chief Replaced At Autism Speaks

A top executive responsible for overseeing the research and scientific efforts of the nation’s largest autism advocacy group is moving on.

Autism Focus Of New Legal Center

With autism prevalence on the rise, a new legal resource center is launching that will focus specifically on issues facing those with the developmental disorder across the country.

Autism Campaign Targets Minority Parents

Hispanic and African-American children are often diagnosed with autism at older ages. Now, a new advertising campaign aims to raise awareness in an attempt to reverse the trend.

Neighbors Clash Over Blue Light Supporting Autism

When a family installed a blue light outside their home to mark Autism Awareness Month, they never expected it to bring a backlash from one of their neighbors.

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