Study Finds Inpatient Autism Treatment On The Rise

The number of children with autism who are being hospitalized — often due to mental health concerns — is on the rise, particularly among teens with the developmental disorder.

Groups Want Federal Autism Dollars Reallocated

With the nation’s primary autism legislation set to expire soon, some disability advocates are pressing for major changes in the federal government’s approach to the developmental disorder.

Study Finds Autism Originates During Pregnancy

New research is offering evidence that autism is linked to differences in the brain that emerge during pregnancy.

Poll Finds Many Still Believe Vaccines Cause Autism

A new national survey finds many Americans believe there’s truth to a number of widely-discussed medical conspiracy theories including one linking vaccines to autism and other disorders.

Kids’ Sleep, Ear Troubles May Point To Autism

Frequent ear infections and waking up multiple times per night are among a growing list of potential early signs of autism, new research suggests.

To Understand Autism, Researchers Turn To Dogs

Studying how dogs think could shed light on autism, human development and other disabilities, researchers at Yale say.

CDC Finds Obesity Risk Double For Those With Autism

New research suggests adolescents with developmental disabilities are significantly more likely than others their age to struggle with weight and those with autism are at greatest risk.

Delays Common Among Siblings Of Kids With Autism

In nearly half of cases, the younger brothers and sisters of kids with autism also show signs of atypical development, researchers say.

Under New DSM, Autism Diagnoses May ‘Significantly Decrease’

The number of people diagnosed with autism could be reduced by nearly a third under new diagnostic criteria for the developmental disorder, researchers say.

Genes May Give Girls Developmental Edge

New research adds to the theory that girls are more naturally protected than boys from developing autism and other developmental disorders.

Older Dads More Likely To Have Kids With Autism, Study Finds

A large new study is adding to mounting evidence tying older fathers to an increased risk of having children with autism and other disorders.

Harvard Study Links Chemicals, Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

Toxic chemicals may be responsible for a growing number of children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities, researchers say.

Kids’ Autism Care Runs $11.5 Billion Annually, Study Finds

Substantial costs come along with an autism diagnosis, researchers say in a new study that attempts to put a price tag on the care needed by children with the developmental disorder.

Drug Reverses Autism Brain Activity In Mice, Study Shows

New research suggests that a generic blood pressure drug could help diminish autism symptoms.

New Recommendations Guide Treatment For Those On The Spectrum

For the first time in 15 years, a major psychiatric organization is updating its practice guidelines for treating kids and adolescents with autism.

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