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Study Finds Inpatient Autism Treatment On The Rise

The number of children with autism who are being hospitalized — often due to mental health concerns — is on the rise, particularly among teens with the developmental disorder.

Federal Autism Panel Raises Concerns Over DSM Changes

A federal advisory panel is urging clinicians to be careful when applying new diagnostic criteria for autism in order to ensure that no one is denied needed services.

New Recommendations Guide Treatment For Those On The Spectrum

For the first time in 15 years, a major psychiatric organization is updating its practice guidelines for treating kids and adolescents with autism.

Follow-Up Lacking On Kids Flagged By Autism Screening

Despite a heavy emphasis on expanded screening for autism, a new study suggests that little is known about whether such efforts are leading to earlier diagnosis and treatment.

Prison-Trained Dog Proves Pivotal For Boy With Autism

Struggling to help their son with autism, a Colorado family turned to a convicted murderer to train a service dog and the unconventional approach is paying off.

Which Autism Interventions Work Best?

A new federally-funded review of thousands of studies finds that there are more than two dozen autism interventions worthy of being called “evidence-based.”

Health Law Adds Coverage For Developmental Disability Services

A little remarked upon requirement in the health law expands treatments for those with developmental disabilities. But experts are concerned that insurers may find ways to skirt the new rule.

Despite Unknowns, Alternative Autism Treatments In Demand

Many parents are turning to unproven treatments to help their kids with autism and other developmental delays, a new study finds, including some methods that carry serious risks.

New Autism Screening Tool More Reliable, Study Finds

A revamped screening tool that relies on parents answering just 20 questions is far more accurate than previous assessments at helping flag young kids at risk for autism, researchers say.

It’s Official: City OKs Boy’s Therapy Chickens

Weeks after being told they would have to give up the therapy chickens that have helped their son with autism come out of his shell, a Florida family has been granted a reprieve.

City Says No To Boy’s Therapy Chickens

J.J. Hart has autism and used to say little, stare into space and throw tantrums. That all changed when his family took in three hens, but they may soon be forced to give the animals up.

Study Finds Sensory Therapy Has Merit For Kids With Autism

A therapy that uses play to teach children with autism to tolerate sound, touch and other potentially-challenging sensory experiences can be beneficial, new research suggests.

‘Love Hormone’ Shows Promise For Kids With Autism

New evidence suggests that a nasal spray of a naturally-occurring hormone may help improve socialization among children with autism.

iPads Helping Kids With Autism Learn To Speak

Kids with autism may be able to learn to speak later than previously thought and researchers say that iPads could be key.

Autism Signs Spotted In First Months Of Life

Autism can be detected in infants as young as 2 months by tracking their eye movements, researchers say, marking the earliest signs of the developmental disorder ever observed.

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