Cerebral Palsy

Olympic Gold Medalist Credits Brother With Cerebral Palsy

Skier Alex Bilodeau says it’s his brother with cerebral palsy who inspired him in his quest for Olympic glory.

Health Law Adds Coverage For Developmental Disability Services

A little remarked upon requirement in the health law expands treatments for those with developmental disabilities. But experts are concerned that insurers may find ways to skirt the new rule.

‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Under Fire For ‘R-Word’

Disability advocates are slamming the new film “The Wolf of Wall Street” for using language and references that they say mock those with special needs.

Study: C-Sections Don’t Lessen Cerebral Palsy Risk

Contrary to long-held beliefs, new research suggests that delivering babies by cesarean section does not lower their risk for cerebral palsy.

Autism More Common In Kids With Cerebral Palsy

As the prevalence of cerebral palsy remains largely steady, new findings from researchers at the CDC suggest that kids with the developmental disorder are at higher risk of having autism too.

Coca-Cola Apologizes For ‘Retard’ Message On Bottle Cap

Coca-Cola is in hot water with a consumer whose daughter opened a Vitamin Water bottle with the message “You retard” printed on the cap.

CDC: Half Of Kids With Disabilities Skip Flu Shots

Despite an increased risk for complications from the flu, many children with intellectual disability, cerebral palsy and other disorders are not vaccinated to protect against the virus.

FDA Warns Against Alternative Autism Therapy

Federal regulators are warning consumers that a therapy often marketed for treating autism, cerebral palsy and other conditions is unproven and may “endanger their health.”

Citing Threat To Property Value, Neighbors Want Ramp Removed

A Colorado family says their neighbors have threatened them with legal action over the ramp they installed for their daughter with cerebral palsy to access their home.

Study: 1 In 4 With Cerebral Palsy In Pain

Many children and teens with cerebral palsy are struggling with chronic pain, researchers say, but it often goes unrecognized and untreated.

Athletes With Special Needs To Square Off In Cage Fight

In a matchup that may mark a first for the rough-and-tumble sport of mixed martial arts, two athletes with developmental disabilities are set to face off in a cage fight this August.

ESPN, Ben Affleck To Honor Man With Cerebral Palsy

Actor Ben Affleck is set to present an award for perseverance to a father-son team who have competed together in more than 1,000 races despite the younger man’s severe disabilities.

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