Demand High For Specialized Housing

With a growing number of people with Down syndrome facing Alzheimer’s, a need for specialized housing is emerging.

People With Down Syndrome May Actually Age Faster

The inner workings of people with Down syndrome age much faster than typically-developing individuals, a new study suggests.

Feds Put New Focus On Down Syndrome

As people with Down syndrome live longer than ever before, the National Institutes of Health is looking to reshape its efforts related to the chromosomal disorder.

Increasingly, Adults With Down Syndrome Face Alzheimer’s

A growing number of families are struggling to care for aging adults with Down syndrome who also have Alzheimer’s disease and are losing hard-won skills.

Center To Promote Alternatives To Guardianship

Months after prevailing in a closely-watched case, a woman with Down syndrome is the namesake of a new center challenging an “over-reliance on guardianship” for those with disabilities.

Woman With Down Syndrome Prevails In Guardianship Dispute

In a closely-watched case centering on the rights of adults with disabilities, a Virginia woman has won the right to live with her friends rather than in a group home as her parents preferred.

Study Sheds Light On Down Syndrome, Possible Treatments

New research is offering clues about what’s happening in the brains of people with Down syndrome and why they often appear to age more rapidly than others.

Woman With Disability Battles Mother Over Independent Living

In a hotly-contested case, a court is set to decide whether a 28-year-old with Down syndrome or her mom should determine if the young woman lives in a group home or with her friends.

Scientists Look To Down Syndrome To Treat Alzheimer’s

People with Down syndrome are particularly susceptible to dementia and Alzheimer’s. Now researchers are turning to those with the chromosomal disorder to identify new treatment options.

Oldest Man With Down Syndrome Lives To 83

A Minnesota man recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest with Down syndrome has died at age 83.

Study: Many Adults With Disabilities Do Nothing All Day

A significant number of adults with developmental disabilities have no regular, daily activities, a situation that’s symptomatic of larger problems, new research indicates.

High-Tech Monitoring Allowing More With Disabilities To Live Alone

For much of his adult life, Jeremy Collins was heavily supervised in a group home. But today, the 31-year-old with Down syndrome has his own townhouse, all thanks to technology.

‘Monica & David’ Explores Marriage With Down Syndrome

Monica and David Martinez were not your average bride and groom — both have Down syndrome. A new film premiering on HBO documents their experience.

Feds File Suit Alleging Widespread ADA Violations In Arkansas

The Justice Department says Arkansas is giving residents with developmental disabilities a “draconian choice” of living in institutions or receiving no assistance whatsoever.

Poll Shows Public Support For Community Living

A poll released Wednesday indicates that a majority of Americans support legislation that would allow people with disabilities to choose community-based care over nursing homes.

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