Efforts Underway To Fully Fund IDEA

Lawmakers in Congress are renewing efforts to ensure that the federal government lives up to its promise to fully fund special education.

Special Education Funding Lopsided, Report Finds

The level of federal special education funding sent to states varies widely thanks to an outdated model that favors some locales over others, a new report finds.

Demand Soars For Special Education Boarding Schools

As the number of students with disabilities attending residential schools in one state continues to rise, there are mounting concerns about the costs associated with such programs.

Lawmakers Press For Full Funding Of Special Education

Even as President Barack Obama called for virtually no change to special education spending in his budget proposal, members of Congress are looking to fully fund the program.

White House Urged To Fully Fund IDEA

A federal agency and more than 130 members of Congress are calling on President Barack Obama to allocate more funding for special education in his upcoming budget proposal.

Congress Gives Special Education $500 Million Boost

After being pounded by budget cuts last year, special education is set to see some relief under a deal approved by Congress.

Disability Advocates ‘Encouraged’ By Budget Deal

A congressional budget deal that would ease many of the spending cuts set to hit special education and other disability programs is a step in the right direction, advocates say.

Special Educators Strained By Budget Cuts

Budget cuts are forcing larger class sizes, bigger case loads and leaving schools with too few staff to meet the needs of students with disabilities, special educators say.

Nationwide, Families Feel Pinch Of Special Education Cuts

Increased class sizes, decreased services and placement changes are among the effects parents say budget cuts are having on students in special education.

Special Education Spending Declines

Funding for special education has fallen in recent years, according to a new report which finds that many school districts are spending less per student today than they did in 2008.

Sequester Hits Special Education Like ‘Ton of Bricks’

With the start of the new school year, students in special education are beginning to feel the effects of major federal funding cuts which are leading to less staff and fewer services.

Special Education Could Face $2 Billion In Cuts

As a new round of budget talks gets underway in Congress, special education advocates are sounding the alarm about big cuts that may be on the horizon.

Congress Rewrites IDEA Funding Rule

A small change tucked inside a government spending bill this month may have big implications for special education.

Disability Cuts Could Be Here To Stay

As sweeping federal budget cuts set in, the impact is starting to become clear for those benefiting from special education and other disability programs.

As Cuts To Special Education Loom, Congress Takes Break

Within days, severe budget cuts are slated to hit nearly every federal program — including special education and other disability supports — and there’s no sign of a deal on the horizon.

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