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Study Questions Effectiveness Of One-To-Ones In Special Ed

Many students receiving special education services are supported by one-to-ones, but new research suggests these assistants may not be pulling their weight.

School Districts Scramble To Find Teachers

With fewer entering the profession and many leaving, school districts nationwide are struggling to find teachers, particularly in special education.

State To Require Cameras In Special Ed Classrooms

In what’s believed to be a first, a new law in Texas will require schools to install cameras upon request in classrooms serving students with disabilities.

Teacher Fired For Putting Child With Autism In Trash Can

A school board has voted to terminate the contract of a special educator accused of putting a second-grader with autism in a trash can and comparing his behavior to Oscar the Grouch.

Teacher: Trash Can Meant To Calm Boy With Autism

A special education teacher accused of putting a second-grader with autism in a trash can and comparing his behavior to Oscar the Grouch says she was trying to calm the child, not hurt him.

Feds Put Millions Toward Training Special Educators

With an eye on improving services for students with disabilities, the U.S. Department of Education is funneling millions into programs to train new special educators.

Teen Goes From Special Ed To Valedictorian

As a child, Chance Mair struggled to overcome sensory and social skills challenges related to Asperger’s syndrome, but this week he graduated high school at the top of his class.

Students With Special Needs Face Double-Digit Achievement Gaps

A new report finds that students with disabilities are faring far worse on standardized tests than their typically-developing peers.

Technology Breaks Silence For Nonverbal Students

For years, educators and parents have reported promising results with iPads among kids with special needs. Now, the technology is proving useful for older students with disabilities too.

Senate Plan Retains Testing Cap For Students With Disabilities

A bipartisan plan to reshape the nation’s primary education law would maintain strict limits on the number of students with disabilities taking less rigorous tests.

Graduation Rates Inch Up For Students With Disabilities

An increasing number of students with disabilities are graduating high school, federal officials say, though they still receive diplomas at far lower rates than other students.

Schools Favor Inclusion When Forced To Report Academic Progress

As Congress debates the role of testing, a new report finds that schools with the greatest accountability for students with disabilities are most likely to promote inclusion.

Questions Surround Vouchers For Students With Disabilities

More than a dozen states offer vouchers allowing students to use public dollars to attend private schools, but it’s a tossup whether such flexibility is a win for those with disabilities.

Disability Advocates Sharply Critical Of Plan To Ease Testing

As Congress looks to reauthorize the nation’s primary education law, advocates are blasting proposed changes they say would lead to lower expectations for students with disabilities.

Autism Surge Creating Special Education Teacher Shortages

Schools have long had trouble finding special education teachers, but administrators say the task is becoming increasingly difficult as more children are diagnosed with autism.

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