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Disability An ‘Advantage’ For Valedictorian On The Spectrum

Defying the odds, a teen with autism who was once in a self-contained classroom and relied on a one-to-one aide is graduating high school as his class valedictorian.

Technology Gaining Foothold In Special Education

Special education programs are increasingly relying on tablets, apps and other technology to help students with disabilities despite scant research to support the practice.

Impromptu School Transfers Halted Under Agreement

A federal judge signed off this week on a settlement that formally ends a school district policy of transferring kids with autism from school to school with no warning to their families.

School District Defends Teacher In Toilet Brush Incident

A special education teacher who gave her students a toilet brush and cleanser as a graduation gift is not facing discipline despite calls from at least one parent that she be fired.

Study Finds Reading Possible Despite Low IQ

For students with intellectual disability, functional skills are often prioritized over academics, but a new study finds that children with low IQ are capable of learning to read.

Schools Look To ‘Grow Their Own’ Special Educators

In an effort to fill a shortage of special education teachers, a first-of-its-kind program will train education assistants and paraprofessionals to take on the task.

Graduation Rates Fall Short For Students With Disabilities

More Americans are graduating high school than ever before, but students with disabilities remain far behind their typically-developing peers, a new report finds.

Teach For America To Bolster Special Education Training

A program that places recent college graduates in teaching positions across the country after just weeks of training says it will beef up its focus on special education.

Special Education Ranking Puts Vanderbilt On Top

A handful of familiar names are topping this year’s U.S. News & World Report ranking of training programs for special educators.

Concerns Raised Over Testing Kids With Severe Disabilities

As stories emerge of students with even the most severe disabilities being forced to take standardized tests, officials in one state are starting to rethink the approach.

Advocates Alarmed By ‘Backtracking’ On Teacher Standards

Disability advocates are protesting a move by the U.S. Department of Education that they say could leave students in the hands of poor-quality teachers.

Teacher Rehired Following Alleged Hot-Sauce Incident

A teacher accused of force-feeding a student with special needs crayons soaked in hot sauce is headed back to the classroom.

Special Educators Strained By Budget Cuts

Budget cuts are forcing larger class sizes, bigger case loads and leaving schools with too few staff to meet the needs of students with disabilities, special educators say.

Concerns Raised Over ‘Highly Qualified’ Teachers

When Congress acted earlier this month to end the government shutdown, lawmakers also extended a provision that advocates contend has negative implications for students with disabilities.

Special Education Testing Standards May Soon Be Tightened

The U.S. Department of Education wants to end a rule that allows states to count some students with disabilities as academically proficient even if they do not meet grade-level standards.

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