Study Finds Postsecondary Programs Boost Outcomes

Individuals with intellectual disabilities who attend postsecondary programs are finding greater success in the job market than those who do not pursue further education, a new study suggests.

Down Syndrome No Barrier To College Degree

Stereotypes and academic hurdles haven’t stopped one man with Down syndrome from receiving his bachelor’s degree, graduating magna cum laude.

Sheltered Workshop Eligibility May Soon Be Limited

Federal lawmakers are moving forward with a plan to require most students with disabilities to try competitive employment before they could be employed by sheltered workshops.

Justice Department Urges Shift Away From Sheltered Workshops

In a first-of-its-kind settlement, the U.S. Department of Justice says a state has committed to overhaul its system of sheltered workshops and day programs for people with disabilities.

Evidence Lacking On Transition Programs

A federal report suggests that far too little is known about the effectiveness of various types of transition programs in preparing students with disabilities for adulthood.

Transition Focus Of New Documentary On PBS

A documentary following a special-education teacher as she prepares her students with autism to leave high school and enter adult life is set for its national television debut.

Senator Calls For Transition Action Plan

A new proposal in the U.S. Senate would allocate federal dollars to develop a national plan to help those with developmental disabilities transition to adulthood.

Feds Allege Transition Program Amounted To Sweatshop

The Justice Department is cracking down after an investigation found that students with disabilities were unnecessarily segregated and forced to work for little or no pay.

Senator Looks To Enhance Transition Services Nationwide

A key U.S. senator is pushing for expanded on-the-job opportunities for youth with disabilities and he’s making the issue a top priority as Congress looks to tackle a major employment bill.

Feds Eye Better Outcomes For Kids On SSI

Through improved supports and services, the Obama administration is looking to boost the long-term prospects of kids with disabilities who receive Supplemental Security Income.

Obama Administration Looks To Improve Transition Outcomes

In an effort to identify better strategies to help young people with disabilities transition from school to work, a handful of federal agencies are seeking public input.

NASA To Mentor Students With Disabilities

A unique partnership kicking off early next year will allow students with disabilities a firsthand look at what it takes to work for NASA.

More Special Education Students Receiving Diplomas

Graduation rates for students enrolled in special education are on the rise as fewer kids with disabilities drop out of school.

Tech, Science Fields A Draw For Those With Autism

It’s long been thought that people with autism permeate the science and technology fields. Now, new research suggests that there may be some truth to the theory.

Study: Inclusion May Not Be Best After All

Inclusion is often believed to be the best option for students with disabilities, but a new study calls into question whether or not the practice truly leads to better outcomes long term.

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