Health Care Reform

In Push For Community Living, States Offered Incentives

A new program under the Affordable Care Act is offering states extra money in exchange for taking steps to keep people — including those with disabilities — out of institutions.

Health Law Adds Coverage For Developmental Disability Services

A little remarked upon requirement in the health law expands treatments for those with developmental disabilities. But experts are concerned that insurers may find ways to skirt the new rule.

‘Habilitation’ Among New Health Care Benefits

The new health care law requires coverage of therapies that help people with disabilities acquire speech, mobility and other skills, but what that will mean in practice remains murky.

States Divided On ABA Coverage In New Health Exchanges

With state health insurance exchanges now open for business, advocates say they expect plans available in only about half of states to cover autism therapy.

Feds Reverse Course On Disability Provision Of Affordable Care Act

Federal officials are backing off a new provision of the health care law that would have largely barred guardians from serving as paid caregivers for adults with developmental disabilities.

Health Care Law Presents Complex Choices For People With Disabilities

Even once the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented, experts say that coverage of many treatments that people with disabilities rely on may vary widely.

For Many With Disabilities, Health Screenings Still Not Covered

As the health care reform law expands access to preventive services at the doctor’s office, a new analysis finds that many with disabilities who rely on Medicaid might be left out.

Feds Omit ABA Therapy From New Insurance Requirements

Despite a heavy lobbying effort, the Obama administration declined to include autism therapy in final rules this week defining what must be covered by insurers under health care reform.

Study: Republican Plan Would Chop Medicaid By $1.7 Trillion

Medicaid is a lifeline for many with disabilities, advocates say. But a new report finds that GOP proposals to alter the program would lead to significant funding cuts and fewer people served.

Health Care Ruling A Win, Disability Advocates Say

Advocates are hailing the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold sweeping changes to the nation’s health care system as a victory for people with disabilities.

Under Pressure, Feds Move Forward With Community Living Plan

After disability advocates blocked all of the entrances to their building, Medicaid officials agreed to release long-awaited rules for a new program designed to expand community living.

High Court’s Review Of Health Care Personal For Some

As the U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments this week on the merits of the nation’s health care reform law, some with disabilities have a lot at stake.

States To Get Millions To Improve Crisis Care

A new federal initiative could make it significantly easier for people experiencing a psychiatric emergency — including those with disabilities — to get the care they need.

Feds Look To Make Health Care More Accessible

People with disabilities have long complained of inequities at the doctor’s office. Now, the federal government is taking steps toward leveling the playing field.

Amid Cutbacks, States Expand Community Living

Most states are expanding community-based care for people with disabilities over institutional options in an effort to rein in costs and meet consumer demand, a new survey finds.

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