Intellectual Disability

Congress To Weigh Police Interactions With Disability Community

The mother of a man with Down syndrome whose death at the hands of law enforcement last year made national news will testify before a U.S. Senate panel.

CDC Finds Obesity Risk Double For Those With Autism

New research suggests adolescents with developmental disabilities are significantly more likely than others their age to struggle with weight and those with autism are at greatest risk.

Focus Shifts To Transparency In Disability Research

As an increasing number of clinical trials focus on developmental disabilities, researchers are taking new steps to ensure that those with the conditions know what they’re getting into.

Supreme Court Considers Role Of IQ In Intellectual Disability

In oral arguments Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court took up the issue of whether states can establish a hard-and-fast IQ score to determine if a person has intellectual disability.

Survey Finds Just 1 In 3 With Intellectual Disabilities Employed

Adults with intellectual disabilities are struggling to find their place in the workforce, according to a new Gallup survey finding that two-thirds have no job.

Paternal Age Tied To Increased Developmental Risk

Children of older fathers are more likely to have autism, intellectual disability or other mental disorders, new research suggests.

FDA OKs Blood Test For Intellectual Disability

A first-of-its-kind blood test that can help diagnose intellectual disabilities and developmental delays in children is getting the go-ahead from the FDA.

‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Under Fire For ‘R-Word’

Disability advocates are slamming the new film “The Wolf of Wall Street” for using language and references that they say mock those with special needs.

Supreme Court To Consider What Defines Intellectual Disability

How should states decide if someone has an intellectual disability? This spring the Supreme Court will wade back into these murky waters.

New York Times Columnist Sorry For ‘R-Word,’ Pledges $25K

When a mother of a boy with Down syndrome noticed that The New York Times’ “Ethicist” had a history of using the word “retard,” she took him to task. And boy did he respond.

Sephora Pulls ‘Celebutard’ Lipstick Amid Uproar

Sephora is pulling a shade of lipstick called “Celebutard” from its shelves after complaints that the name is offensive to those with disabilities.

World-Renowned Special Olympian Starts New Chapter

Arguably the world’s most famous athlete with intellectual disability, Loretta Claiborne is as comfortable hobnobbing with presidents and celebrities as she is inspiring teens in the gym.

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