Following Controversy, Girl With Disability Receives Transplant

A New Jersey girl who made national news when her parents said she was denied a life-saving organ transplant due to her intellectual disability has now received a new kidney.

Athletes With Intellectual Disabilities Return To Paralympics

As the Paralympic Games kick off this week in London, it marks the first time in 12 years that individuals with intellectual disabilities will be allowed to compete.

After Two Decades, Change Coming To ADA

Starting Tuesday, new rules go into effect covering everything from building design to what qualifies as a service animal.

Senate Looks To Tackle ‘Shockingly Low’ Disability Employment

Higher expectations are key to increasing employment among people with intellectual disabilities, members of the U.S. Senate heard Wednesday.

Travel Trainers Help People With Disabilities Gain Independence

Under a federal grant program, public transit services are deploying trainers to teach those with disabilities how to use fixed route buses rather than rely on door-to-door service.

Community Living Efforts Get Boost From Justice Department

In three separate actions Tuesday, the Justice Department called out a handful of states for allegedly failing to provide community living options for residents with disabilities.

High Schoolers Use Physics Lessons To Tackle Accessibility Issues

Students in an innovative high school physics class are using their knowledge to offer individuals with disabilities access to everything from gardening tools to video games.

Mandate Offers Students With Disabilities Shot At School Sports

Maryland schools are giving students with disabilities unique new access to the world of school sports, thanks to a first-of-its-kind law.

Poll Shows Public Support For Community Living

A poll released Wednesday indicates that a majority of Americans support legislation that would allow people with disabilities to choose community-based care over nursing homes.

Students With Intellectual Disabilities Score Capitol Hill Internships

Members of Congress are teaming up with a Washington, DC-area postsecondary program to offer young adults with intellectual disabilities internships on Capitol Hill.

Proposed Special Needs Communities Stir Debate

Conflict is brewing in Florida between families who want to establish retirement-style communities for adults with developmental disabilities and those who favor community living.

FCC Puts Focus On Web Accessibility

Nearly 40 percent of Americans without high-speed internet have disabilities, according to the first-ever federal working paper on internet accessibility.

Accessibility Scores High Marks At Twins’ New Ballpark

Planners for the new stadium say they intentionally went above and beyond the accessibility requirements mandated by law to make it the most accessible in the country.

Obama Signs Health Care Bill, Enhancing Access For Those With Disabilities

With his signature Tuesday morning, President Barack Obama put in motion a complete overhaul of the American health insurance system.

Police Go Undercover To Ensure Wheelchair Users Get Rides

After wheelchair users were snubbed by taxi drivers, Boston police decided to go undercover to put the cabbies to the test. So far, they’re passing with flying colors.

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