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Child Wrongly Removed From Mom With Disability, Feds Say

Just two days after a 19-year-old with intellectual disability gave birth, state officials took her newborn away in an act the federal government contends violated the woman’s civil rights.

Intellectual Disability No Barrier For Mom Raising Gifted Daughter

Fifteen-year-old Myra Brown is a typical, bright teen who has her sights set on attending the University of Cambridge in England. Her mother just so happens to have intellectual disability.

Parenting Style Has Big Impact On Kids With Disabilities

The approach that parents take with their children who have developmental disabilities is directly tied to how cooperative and independent they become, new research suggests.

Court Allows Pregnancy To Proceed For Woman With Disability

In a controversial case that made national news, a Nevada judge has decided not to force a woman with intellectual disability to end her pregnancy.

After Uproar, Girl With Disability To Receive Transplant

A girl with intellectual disability who was reportedly denied a kidney transplant earlier this year because she’s “mentally retarded” will be receiving a new organ after all.

For Man With Disability, Fire Station Is Home

At age 13, Tony Tumminello befriended the men at his local firehouse. Almost 60 years later, the man with intellectual disability still spends nearly every day there.

For Many, Disabilities Still Conjure Stereotypes

Even among caregivers of those with disabilities, new research suggests that the sight of someone with facial characteristics typical of Down syndrome triggers negative thoughts.

HBO To Air New Film Tackling Disability Caregiving

A new documentary chronicling one woman’s experience as she assumes care of her sister with an intellectual disability is set to premiere on HBO later this month.

Boy With Down Syndrome Hits Modeling Big Time

After appearing in a national ad for Target, a 6-year-old New Jersey boy with Down syndrome is making it big. Now, in their first interview, his parents open up to Disability Scoop.

Older Fathers Linked To Intellectual Disability

Moms aren’t the only ones who pose a risk when they wait to have children. A new study suggests that older dads are responsible for some children developing intellectual disabilities.

Cuts To In-Home Care Could Prove Costly

In a bid to save money, Tennessee will soon stop paying for some with disabilities to receive help from two personal assistants at once. But the new rule could end up costing the state more.

Disability Caregivers Struggling Financially, Emotionally

A nationwide survey of caregivers of those with developmental disabilities is offering new evidence this week of the hardships many families face in accessing support services.

State Proposes $10K Stipends For Families On Waiting List

New Jersey may offer upwards of $10,000 annually to families caring for adults with disabilities who are on the state’s waiting list for community services.

Court Weighs Sterilizing Woman With Intellectual Disability

A British judge is delaying making any decisions in the case of a mother who’s seeking approval to sterilize her 21-year-old daughter with intellectual disability.

Special Needs Help Line Offers Friendly Ear For Parents, Caregivers

A new pilot program in New Jersey is attempting to make life a little easier by providing a 24-hour help line offering support, information and resources.

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