Family’s Complaint Prompts Insurer To Drop ‘R-Word’

A major health insurer has agreed to stop using the term “mental retardation” after a family complained when the phrase was used to describe their daughter’s condition.

In Shift, Supreme Court Moves Away From ‘Mental Retardation’

A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling clarifying what constitutes intellectual disability also marked a major milestone in efforts to put an end to use of the term “mental retardation.”

‘R-Word’ Complaint Fails To Get Book Removed From Libraries

Despite a complaint, a children’s book that includes the word “retarded” will remain in the libraries of several schools.

‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Under Fire For ‘R-Word’

Disability advocates are slamming the new film “The Wolf of Wall Street” for using language and references that they say mock those with special needs.

New York Times Columnist Sorry For ‘R-Word,’ Pledges $25K

When a mother of a boy with Down syndrome noticed that The New York Times’ “Ethicist” had a history of using the word “retard,” she took him to task. And boy did he respond.

Sephora Pulls ‘Celebutard’ Lipstick Amid Uproar

Sephora is pulling a shade of lipstick called “Celebutard” from its shelves after complaints that the name is offensive to those with disabilities.

Shriver Passes Baton At Special Olympics

For the first time in years, someone outside the famed Shriver family will lead Special Olympics.

Coca-Cola Apologizes For ‘Retard’ Message On Bottle Cap

Coca-Cola is in hot water with a consumer whose daughter opened a Vitamin Water bottle with the message “You retard” printed on the cap.

Social Security To Drop ‘Mental Retardation’

The Social Security Administration will become the latest federal agency to start using the term “intellectual disability” in lieu of “mental retardation.”

Rapper Sorry For ‘Offensive’ Autism Lyric

After making critical mentions about autism in a recently-released song, a hip-hop recording artist is apologizing.

Facebook Hate Speech Problematic, Advocates Say

Under pressure, Facebook recently said it will improve its efforts to weed out hate speech on the social network. Disability advocates say the move is long overdue.

Family Sues Over Altered Photo Of Son With Down Syndrome

In what’s believed to be a first-of-its-kind case, a family is bringing a federal lawsuit after a photo of their son with Down syndrome was doctored and spread across the Internet.

Reporters Get New Guidance On Disability Lingo

In a first, the “journalist’s bible” will include guidance for reporters on how to write about mental illness and conditions like autism.

Super Bowl QB Faces Criticism Over ‘Retarded’ Comment

As he prepares to take the field in the Super Bowl this Sunday, the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens is finding himself in hot water for using the word “retarded.”

Social Security Proposes Dropping ‘Mental Retardation’

The Social Security Administration has signaled its intention to start using the term “intellectual disability” in place of “mental retardation.”

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