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Questions Raised About Meds Used For Intellectual Disability

New research suggests that many drugs are vasty overprescribed to people with intellectual disabilities despite scant evidence that they provide any benefit.

Cancer Drug May Play Role In Treating Fragile X

A potential cancer treatment may also relieve behavioral symptoms of a condition associated with autism and intellectual disability, researchers say.

Doctors Get New Recommendations For Diagnosing Disabilities

A major pediatricians’ group is issuing new guidelines for physicians diagnosing intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

Focus Shifts To Transparency In Disability Research

As an increasing number of clinical trials focus on developmental disabilities, researchers are taking new steps to ensure that those with the conditions know what they’re getting into.

FDA OKs Blood Test For Intellectual Disability

A first-of-its-kind blood test that can help diagnose intellectual disabilities and developmental delays in children is getting the go-ahead from the FDA.

Once Denied Transplant Due To Special Needs, Girl Now Thriving

Three months after receiving a new kidney, a girl who made national headlines when her parents said she was initially denied a transplant due to her intellectual disability is now doing well.

When It Comes To Fragile X, Many Experts Don’t Have A Clue

It’s the leading cause of inherited intellectual disability and often co-occurs with autism, but a new study finds that many educators and therapists know little about fragile X syndrome.

CDC: Half Of Kids With Disabilities Skip Flu Shots

Despite an increased risk for complications from the flu, many children with intellectual disability, cerebral palsy and other disorders are not vaccinated to protect against the virus.

Following Controversy, Girl With Disability Receives Transplant

A New Jersey girl who made national news when her parents said she was denied a life-saving organ transplant due to her intellectual disability has now received a new kidney.

Hyperexcitable Brain Could Explain Fragile X, Autism Behaviors

New research is offering clues about why people with a genetic condition associated with autism and intellectual disability exhibit certain behaviors, a finding which may spur treatment advances.

New DSM Brings Change, Assurances For Those With Autism

For the first time in more than a decade, a new version of the DSM will be unveiled this weekend and with it comes major change to the way autism is diagnosed.

Feds To Move Away From DSM

Just weeks before a new version of the DSM is scheduled for release, the head of the National Institute of Mental Health says “patients with mental disorders deserve better.”

States Get Ranked On Disability Services

Arizona is the place to be when it comes to services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, according to a new national ranking.

Antibiotic May Improve Behavior, Anxiety, Study Finds

New research suggests that a readily-available antibiotic can bring about improvements in behavior and anxiety for those with the most common cause of inherited intellectual disability.

After Criticism, DSM Committee Changes Course

Experts behind the new version of the DSM didn’t back down on major changes to the definition of autism, but appear to have made an about-face when it comes to intellectual disability.

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