Former Prison May Become Home For Adults With Special Needs

A nonprofit is planning to modify a former state prison to create a community where adults with special needs could live and receive job training.

Thousands With Disabilities To Get Rental Assistance

Millions of dollars are heading to over two dozen states to help people with disabilities access community-based housing and support services.

New Housing Concept Emerging For Those With Disabilities

Construction is underway on a gated community specifically designed for people with developmental disabilities that planners say could become a new national model.

With Caregiver Pay Hike, States Warned About ADA Obligations

As new rules roll out mandating better pay for in-home care workers, federal officials say states must not compromise the rights of people with disabilities in the process.

Support Urged For Families Weighing Out-Of-Home Placements

While the vast majority of kids with developmental disabilities are cared for at home, pediatricians are being reminded that out-of-home placements remain an important option.

Course Focuses On Interior Design For Those On The Spectrum

An interior design course at one college is teaching students to make homes functional, practical, safe and aesthetically pleasing for people with autism and their families.

Influx Of Residents With Disabilities Leads To Clashes

An increasing number of young people with disabilities are moving into housing that largely serves the elderly and the mix of populations is not without tension.

Despite Pleas, Brothers With Disabilities Set To Lose Home

Three aging brothers with developmental disabilities who have been fighting to remain in the only home they have ever known will likely see it demolished in the next few weeks.

In Debate Over Institutions, Residents Rarely Heard

As states increasingly close down institutions, one resident who’s being forced to move says people like her are often left with few choices.

Senator Calls For Expansion Of Community-Based Services

A new proposal in the U.S. Senate would eliminate a government bias toward placing people with disabilities in institutional rather than community-based settings.

Woman Hit With Bill After Brother’s Death At Institution

A New York woman who says her brother with intellectual disability was killed two years ago at a state institution where he lived is now being billed $11.67 million for the man’s care.

Medicaid Funds Increasingly Going To Community-Based Services

Spending on home and community-based services is on the rise as fewer dollars go to institutions, a new federal government report finds.

State Earmarks $11 Million To Keep 6 In Institution

Lawmakers have slated $11 million to keep open an institution that houses just six people with disabilities — and could soon have as few as four — thanks to a protracted legal battle.

Senator Looks To Strengthen Disability Services

A key U.S. senator is looking to introduce legislation to dramatically expand access to community-based services for people with disabilities nationwide.

Many With Disabilities Find Choices Dwindle With Age

As people with developmental disabilities age and face changing needs, they often find housing options can be limited.

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