Parenting & Caregiving

Future Planning Center To Assist Disability Caregivers

As people with developmental disabilities live longer, a new national center is gearing up to help individuals and their families plan for the future.

What’s So Funny? Plenty For Parents Of Kids With Autism

With the help of some experienced comedians, parents are finding the humor in raising their kids with autism and hoping to entertain others along the way.

Does Autism Make Moms Parent Differently?

A new study suggests that moms of kids with autism address their children’s behavior differently than parents of kids without the developmental disorder.

Boy With No Friends Scores Over A Million ‘Likes’

When a Michigan boy with special needs said he didn’t want a birthday party because he had no friends, his mom turned to Facebook and found him more than a million supporters.

Prison-Trained Dog Proves Pivotal For Boy With Autism

Struggling to help their son with autism, a Colorado family turned to a convicted murderer to train a service dog and the unconventional approach is paying off.

In-Home Care At Center Of Supreme Court Case

In a suit brought by mothers paid to care for their adult children with disabilities, the U.S. Supreme Court will consider whether in-home care providers can be required to pay union dues.

Study Finds Autism More Challenging For Caregivers

Caregivers of kids with autism report more trouble accessing services and a greater impact on their families than do parents of children with other developmental disabilities.

Parent Mentors Ease Path For Newly Diagnosed

Increasingly parents of those with Down syndrome are mentoring other moms and dads who’ve just learned — whether prenatally or after birth — that their child has the disorder.

Students Become Caregivers For Roommate With Special Needs

A college student who needs help with everything from showering to dressing and even getting out of bed is receiving all that and more from a group of devoted friends turned roommates.

Training May Help Autism Moms Reduce Stress

Training mothers of children recently diagnosed with autism to problem-solve may go a long way toward reducing stress levels among these parents, researchers say.

Center To Promote Alternatives To Guardianship

Months after prevailing in a closely-watched case, a woman with Down syndrome is the namesake of a new center challenging an “over-reliance on guardianship” for those with disabilities.

Caregivers Live Longer, Study Finds

Contrary to popular belief, a new study suggests that being a caregiver for a family member with a disability may lead to a longer life.

Coca-Cola Apologizes For ‘Retard’ Message On Bottle Cap

Coca-Cola is in hot water with a consumer whose daughter opened a Vitamin Water bottle with the message “You retard” printed on the cap.

Behavior Outburst Prompts Act Of Kindness

When an 8-year-old who’s nonverbal became loud and hit the table while out to eat over the weekend, his family got a pleasant surprise.

Feds Reverse Course On Disability Provision Of Affordable Care Act

Federal officials are backing off a new provision of the health care law that would have largely barred guardians from serving as paid caregivers for adults with developmental disabilities.

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