Teen Lands Venture Capital For Accessibility Device

A 13-year-old has become the world’s youngest tech entrepreneur to receive venture capital, all for a device he designed to improve accessibility for people with disabilities.

Technology Gaining Foothold In Special Education

Special education programs are increasingly relying on tablets, apps and other technology to help students with disabilities despite scant research to support the practice.

DynaVox Affiliates File For Bankruptcy

Three affiliates of DynaVox filed for bankruptcy this week, but the entity responsible for the assistive technology products long used by people with disabilities says it is unaffected.

iPads Helping Kids With Autism Learn To Speak

Kids with autism may be able to learn to speak later than previously thought and researchers say that iPads could be key.

Airlines Told To Improve Accessibility

Airlines will soon be required to improve access to their websites and airport kiosks and make other changes to better accommodate travelers with disabilities under new federal regulations.

With Talking Guide, TV Becoming More Accessible

How does a person who’s blind find what to “watch” on a TV with 200 channels and 46,000 video-on-demand choices? A Comcast executive who’s visually impaired thinks he has the answer.

Sony, Amazon Want Accessibility Exemption

Some of the biggest names in technology are asking the Federal Communications Commission for a pass when it comes to making all of their products accessible to people with disabilities.

Facebook Hate Speech Problematic, Advocates Say

Under pressure, Facebook recently said it will improve its efforts to weed out hate speech on the social network. Disability advocates say the move is long overdue.

Treatment Of Boy With Autism Prompts Facebook Uproar

When a Michigan boy with autism cried during a recent haircut, his mother reportedly got an earful from the salon owner. Now, the story has gone viral prompting a boycott of the business.

Robots Show Promise For Social Skills Development

New research suggests that robots could offer a remarkable tool to help children with disabilities master social skills.

Birthday Wish For Man With Special Needs Goes Viral

Zack Prince loves receiving snail mail. So for his birthday, Prince’s mom put out a Facebook request for cards and boy have people responded.

Google Removing Hateful References To Autism

Responding to complaints, Google is taking steps to ensure that suggestions from its search engine do not include hateful ideas about those with the developmental disorder.

Researchers Look To Make iPads More Accessible

A new device could make it possible for kids with motor skills difficulties to utilize iPads and other touch-screen technologies.

Once Banned, Special Needs App To Return

A months-long legal battle over an iPad app designed to give voice to nonverbal individuals with disabilities is nearing an end.

iPod May Ease Transition For Those With Autism

As more people with autism enter the work world, a new case study suggests that arming them with specially-programmed iPods may go a long way toward achieving independence on the job.

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