Disability Rights

UN: People With Disabilities Free To Make Own Decisions

People with even the most severe disabilities have the right to make their own decisions, no matter if their choices are risky or ultimately turn out to be mistakes, a U.N. panel says.

Court: Mom Acted Wrongly In Arranging Son’s Vasectomy

In a case centering on the rights of people with intellectual disabilities, a court has ruled that an Iowa mother overstepped when she arranged a vasectomy for her son with special needs.

Feds Impose Stiffer ADA Penalties

For the first time in more than a decade, the fines that the federal government can impose for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act are set to rise.

ADA Claim Sparks Dispute Over Potty Breaks

In response to a complaint that some polling places lacked accessible restrooms, one county simply barred everyone from taking a tinkle while waiting to cast their ballot.

Suit: Red Tape, Disability Stereotypes Mar Path To Driving

Advocates are suing claiming that people with disabilities seeking driver’s licenses are being subjected to unfair scrutiny because of stereotypes about their abilities.

Workplace Disability Discrimination Claims See Decline

For the first time in years, federal officials say that the number of disability-related job discrimination complaints dropped last year.

Broadway Theaters Agree To Boost Accessibility

Some of Broadway’s most iconic theaters are agreeing to make sweeping changes to improve accessibility for people with disabilities under a settlement with federal prosecutors.

Presidential Panel Calls For Improved Voting Accessibility

Significantly enhanced efforts to accommodate people with disabilities are among several recommendations from a presidential panel tasked with improving the nation’s voting procedures.

Controversial ADA Lawsuits On The Rise

More than one in five federal disability-access lawsuits filed last year originated in a single metro area and many say the claims are little more than moneymaking schemes for attorneys.

It’s Official: City OKs Boy’s Therapy Chickens

Weeks after being told they would have to give up the therapy chickens that have helped their son with autism come out of his shell, a Florida family has been granted a reprieve.

Schools Allegedly Using Emergency Rooms For Timeout

A group of parents are suing after they say their children with disabilities were repeatedly sent from school to hospital emergency rooms in response to tantrums and other behavior issues.

After Failing Math, Student Alleges Disability Discrimination

A college student is suing her Montana school in federal court arguing that her disabilities prevent her from completing two math courses required to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Voting Problems Widespread For Those With Disabilities

More than a decade after Congress took steps to ensure equal access for people with disabilities at the polls, a new report finds that legal, physical and attitudinal barriers remain.

Senate To Revive Disability Rights Treaty

The U.S. Senate is gearing up to reconsider an international disability rights treaty that was rejected by the body on its first go-around last year.

Center To Promote Alternatives To Guardianship

Months after prevailing in a closely-watched case, a woman with Down syndrome is the namesake of a new center challenging an “over-reliance on guardianship” for those with disabilities.

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