Feds Impose Stiffer ADA Penalties

For the first time in more than a decade, the fines that the federal government can impose for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act are set to rise.

ADA Claim Sparks Dispute Over Potty Breaks

In response to a complaint that some polling places lacked accessible restrooms, one county simply barred everyone from taking a tinkle while waiting to cast their ballot.

Justice Department Urges Shift Away From Sheltered Workshops

In a first-of-its-kind settlement, the U.S. Department of Justice says a state has committed to overhaul its system of sheltered workshops and day programs for people with disabilities.

Mercedes Owner Busted For SSI, Medicaid Fraud

An unemployed man who owned a Mercedes and reportedly wore lots of jewelry is headed to jail for defrauding Medicaid and SSI out of more than $200,000.

Supreme Court Considers Role Of IQ In Intellectual Disability

In oral arguments Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court took up the issue of whether states can establish a hard-and-fast IQ score to determine if a person has intellectual disability.

Suit: Red Tape, Disability Stereotypes Mar Path To Driving

Advocates are suing claiming that people with disabilities seeking driver’s licenses are being subjected to unfair scrutiny because of stereotypes about their abilities.

‘Serial Plaintiffs’ Do Battle With Small Businesses Over ADA

In just one weekend, a California man with disabilities dropped in on nearly 80 small businesses he deemed to be inaccessible and sued them all. He’s not alone.

Broadway Theaters Agree To Boost Accessibility

Some of Broadway’s most iconic theaters are agreeing to make sweeping changes to improve accessibility for people with disabilities under a settlement with federal prosecutors.

In-Home Care At Center Of Supreme Court Case

In a suit brought by mothers paid to care for their adult children with disabilities, the U.S. Supreme Court will consider whether in-home care providers can be required to pay union dues.

Controversial ADA Lawsuits On The Rise

More than one in five federal disability-access lawsuits filed last year originated in a single metro area and many say the claims are little more than moneymaking schemes for attorneys.

Feds Call On Schools To Address Discipline Disparities

The Obama administration is issuing new guidance to schools in an effort to reduce the number of minorities and kids with disabilities who needlessly wind up in the hands of law enforcement.

Schools Allegedly Using Emergency Rooms For Timeout

A group of parents are suing after they say their children with disabilities were repeatedly sent from school to hospital emergency rooms in response to tantrums and other behavior issues.

Couple Awarded $50 Million After Son Born With Severe Disabilities

A jury has awarded $50 million to a couple whose son was born with profound disabilities after a botched genetic test indicated he would be typically developing.

Supreme Court To Consider What Defines Intellectual Disability

How should states decide if someone has an intellectual disability? This spring the Supreme Court will wade back into these murky waters.

Disability-Related Hate Crimes Surge

Nearly twice as many hate crimes targeting people with disabilities were reported last year, the FBI says, even as the total number of hate crimes nationwide fell.

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