Ranking Names Best States For Disability Services

An annual ranking of states offering the best services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities reveals a familiar but evolving landscape.

Feds Impose Stiffer ADA Penalties

For the first time in more than a decade, the fines that the federal government can impose for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act are set to rise.

ADA Claim Sparks Dispute Over Potty Breaks

In response to a complaint that some polling places lacked accessible restrooms, one county simply barred everyone from taking a tinkle while waiting to cast their ballot.

Justice Department Urges Shift Away From Sheltered Workshops

In a first-of-its-kind settlement, the U.S. Department of Justice says a state has committed to overhaul its system of sheltered workshops and day programs for people with disabilities.

Feds Earmark Millions For Disability Housing Assistance

Federal housing officials are putting $120 million on the table to help thousands of people with disabilities access rental assistance.

Citing Special Education Background, Clay Aiken Running For Congress

One-time “American Idol” contestant Clay Aiken is bidding for a seat in Congress and he’s citing his experience as a special educator as he throws his hat in the ring.

Presidential Panel Calls For Improved Voting Accessibility

Significantly enhanced efforts to accommodate people with disabilities are among several recommendations from a presidential panel tasked with improving the nation’s voting procedures.

Controversial ADA Lawsuits On The Rise

More than one in five federal disability-access lawsuits filed last year originated in a single metro area and many say the claims are little more than moneymaking schemes for attorneys.

New Medicaid Waiver Rules Set To Take Effect

In a long-awaited move, federal officials are clarifying what counts as home and community-based services for people with disabilities.

In Shift, Most States Increase Mental Health Spending

After years of spending cuts, a new report finds that mental health budgets increased in 37 states this year.

Airlines Told To Improve Accessibility

Airlines will soon be required to improve access to their websites and airport kiosks and make other changes to better accommodate travelers with disabilities under new federal regulations.

Voting Problems Widespread For Those With Disabilities

More than a decade after Congress took steps to ensure equal access for people with disabilities at the polls, a new report finds that legal, physical and attitudinal barriers remain.

Center To Promote Alternatives To Guardianship

Months after prevailing in a closely-watched case, a woman with Down syndrome is the namesake of a new center challenging an “over-reliance on guardianship” for those with disabilities.

Apartments Accused Of Reverse Discrimination

An apartment complex designed to accommodate those with disabilities is under fire from federal officials for having too few typically-developing residents.

What The Shutdown Means For Disability Services

As the first U.S. government shutdown in more than 17 years takes hold, some programs benefiting people with disabilities will continue with business as usual while others grind to a halt.

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