The economy is hitting everyone these days, but individuals with disabilities are feeling the downturn more than most. From Medicaid to housing, funds for government programs that support people with disabilities are on the chopping block across the country. Here’s a look at the situation:

• In Colorado, an initiative to raise the state’s sales tax in order to reduce the waiting list for services for people with disabilities was defeated on Tuesday. The poor economy made voters skittish about raising taxes, supporters said. To read more click here.

• Across the country Medicaid programs are being cut just as more people need them. To read more click here.

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• Florida is cutting home care benefits for 7,500 residents with developmental disabilities. To read more click here and here.

• Nevada is scaling back home care services, limiting the number of children it will accept into a state autism treatment program and the state is cutting the amount it will pay doctors who treat patients covered by Medicaid. That means it will likely become harder to find doctors who accept government provided health coverage. To read more click here.

• South Carolina’s Department of Disabilities and Special Needs is facing a 12 percent budget cut and is postponing plans to expand its housing program. To read more click here.

There is one sliver of good news to be had. Starting in January, Social Security payments are increasing by 5.8 percent. To read more click here.