A law signed Thursday by President Barack Obama makes it easier for workers — including those with disabilities — to sue for wage discrimination.

The legislation increases the amount of time that employees have to file a lawsuit when they discover disparities between their pay and that of their colleagues. It overrides a 2007 Supreme Court decision whereby the court determined that Lilly Ledbetter, who worked at a Goodyear tire plant, could not redeem back-pay because she waited too long to bring a claim.

The law will now allow employees to sue within six months of receiving any paycheck that is less than the wages of other colleagues at their level. Previously, complaints had to be brought within six months of the first occurrence of the wage disparity.

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“Making our economy work means making sure it works for everybody,” Obama said at the bill signing. “There are no second-class citizens in our workplaces and that it’s not just unfair and illegal, it’s bad for business to pay somebody less because of their gender or their age or their race or their ethnicity, religion or disability.”