A Georgia couple listed everything they own on eBay — minus their house — in an effort to pay for treatments for their children, one with autism and another with juvenile arthritis, known as Still’s disease. And this week, they got a winning $20,000 bid. But the winning bidder now wants to pay the couple and let them keep their belongings.

Gregg and Brittiny Peters came up with the idea to sell all of their possessions — including their car, television, washing machine and beds — while struggling to cover $2,000 a month in special treatments for their children. They promised in their eBay listing to donate a portion of the money from the sale to Autism Speaks and the International Still’s Disease Foundation.

The Peters fully intended to go without, even telling an Atlanta television station that their empty house would provide more room for their children to do cartwheels. But the winning bidders, Donnia and Keith Blair, are refusing to accept the Peters’ belongings.

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“They’ve worked really hard to get those things and we’re in a position to help them,” Donnia Blair told The Associated Press. “She can just act like they’re my storage facility.”

Now the Peters are considering donating some items, including their car, to show the same kindness they’ve received, reports The Associated Press.