He likes it cold; she needs warmth. He wants a firm mattress; she needs a soft one. Small issues these may seem, but for adults with autism, these can be major hurdles.

For Lindsey and Dave, however, two adults with autism who are in love, the prospect of a traditional romantic relationship — or something close to it — makes compromising on their many differences worthwhile.

The couple, who share a two-bedroom apartment in Jackson, Miss., used their tendency to be blunt to establish boundaries and needs early on in their relationship. They each have their own bedrooms, for example, and they rarely eat a meal together.

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But the two understand each other in a unique way. And at the end of the day, when they’re worn out from interacting with the rest of the world “appropriately,” Lindsey and Dave each take comfort knowing that their partner gets them, reports Glamour. To read more click here.


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