A new presenter on the BBC’s children’s network has just one hand. Now some parents say that the woman’s disability is “scaring” kids.

The presenter, Cerrie Burnell, was born with only one hand and says she hopes that her presence on the television channel CBeebies will provide an opportunity for parents to talk with their kids about disabilities.

While some parents are praising the BBC for hiring a person with a disability and bringing the issue to light with children, other parents are clearly unhappy. Comments on the network’s online message board include a parent who fears that Burnell’s presence on the show could give children nightmares.

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Experts suspect, though, that nervous parents are speaking more to their own fears and prejudices than any felt by children. Overall, people with disabilities indicate that children are generally inquisitive, not scared, when it comes to discussing differences, reports the BBC News Magazine and The New York Times. To read more click here and here.