Black and Latino male students in New York City are more likely than their peers to be placed in self-contained classrooms and to receive IEP diplomas as opposed to traditional high school diplomas, according to a report released Thursday.

Meanwhile, the graduation rate for the city’s special education students in self-contained classrooms declined to fewer than 5 percent.

The findings are part of a report titled “Include! Educate! Respect!” released by the ARISE Coalition, a local group of parents, educators and organizations. The report examined the experiences of students with disabilities in the New York City public schools.

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Key findings of the report include:

• Despite slight gains in graduation rates, fewer than one in five students with disabilities graduates in four years.

• Among students with disabilities in self-contained classrooms, less than 5 percent graduate. This population is also two and a half times more likely to drop out of school than other special education students.

• Black and Latino students make up more than 90 percent of students receiving IEP diplomas. And male students in those ethnic groups are more likely than other students to be placed in self-contained classrooms.

To view the complete report click here.