Jobs are hard to come by for people with disabilities, recession or not. But a campaign by a consortium of leading disability organizations is seeking to change that trend. And they’re looking for innovative videos to help them do so.

The Campaign for Disability Employment is looking for videos showing positive images of people with disabilities at work. The maker of the winning video will receive a prize worth $1,500 and several of the best videos will be featured on the campaign’s Web site.

The campaign is a new effort of the American Association of People with Disabilities, Special Olympics and a handful of other groups to promote hiring, retention and advancement of people with disabilities.

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“Our video contest is an opportunity for filmmakers to be a part of a groundbreaking campaign to advance America’s promise of opportunity for all,” said Louis Orslene, co-director of the Job Accommodation Network, which is a member of the Campaign for Disability Employment. “It’s their chance to drive positive change by illustrating that at work, it’s what people can do that matters.”

More information can be found by clicking here.