It seems obvious that a parent should be able to visit their child’s classroom. But often that’s easier said than done. Now legislation in Illinois will make this right a reality for parents of special education students.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act explicitly provides for a free and a appropriate education for children with disabilities, but it is unclear regarding the rights of parents to visit classrooms. And in many cases school districts are reluctant to grant classroom access to parents or their outside experts.

A bill expected to be signed into law by Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn will make that state the second — following Massachusetts — to guarantee special education parents and their experts access to a child’s classroom. The legislation also promises parents and experts the right to observe a classroom that a school district is recommending for a child ahead of the child being placed in the new environment.

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Once the bill is signed, parents will be required to submit a written request in order to make a visit, reports The Chicago Tribune. To read more click here.