A 17-year-old with autism fooled a slew of aviation executives into believing the he was a businessman about to launch a new airline.

In a move reminiscent of the movie, “Catch Me if You Can,” a teen from Yorkshire, England using the name Adam Tait flew to an island called Jersey located off the coast of France. There, he met with the airport director to discuss the new airline which he claimed would serve most of Europe.

More meetings between the two were planned and the teen also approached several airlines about franchise possibilities.

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So elaborate was the teen’s plan that he set up fake Web sites, claimed to have 12 jets ready to go with the backing of an American company and communicated by email and phone using at least two other names. He carried on for six months until journalists with a trade publication reporting on the new airline got suspicious.

When police found the teen last week, he was talking his way into a jet that he claimed his company may want to lease.

No charges are being filed against the teenager whose father did not know what he was up to until hearing from the police. The teen is said to know every airline’s flight schedule, reports The (London) Times. To read more click here.