Struggling to pay for care of their children with disabilities, at least two dozen Canadian families fear they will have no choice but to give up their parental rights.

The cases are highlighted in a Canadian government report that details the ramifications of limited government funding. The problem centers around a $100 million program to help people with disabilities that is tapped out, leaving many families without financial assistance to care for their children with severe medical needs. The only alternative, short of paying for care out of pocket, is for parents to relinquish custody to the government.

The problem is not new. Four years ago a report indicated that 150 children had been placed in the government’s care for this very reason. When revealed, the cases were reevaluated and children were reunited with their parents with a promise that the situation would not reoccur.

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Now, the government is again working to remedy the same problem. An ombudsmen who prepared both reports recommends that a national policy is needed to best address the needs of children with severe disabilities, but officials appear to be favoring a more individualized approach, reports The Toronto Star. To read more click here.