When Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger heard Thursday that a group of people with developmental disabilities would be kicked out of their apartments, he swooped in to save the day.

Schwarzenegger read a story in the Los Angeles Times Thursday about a group of people with disabilities who were being evicted from a Monrovia, Calif. apartment building. The reason: the landlord said he was following rules that dictate that people under age 62 cannot live in senior housing.

In disbelief, Schwarzenegger stepped in personally to fix the situation after his own staff told him nothing could be done. The governor learned that the landlord had spent weeks digging through bureaucracy unsuccessfully trying to get the matter resolved.

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In just two hours, however, Schwarzenegger was able take care of the problem and he secured a letter from the landlord saying that the residents would no longer be asked to leave, reports NBC4, the Los Angeles NBC affiliate. To read more click here.