A group of Louisiana special education administrators is asking the state to remove gifted and talented programs from special education, alleging that such programs are diverting funds from more needy students with disabilities.

The Louisiana Association of Special Education Administrators contends that gifted and talented students should be served in regular classrooms rather than be pulled out for specialized programing. They say that pulling out these students for additional enrichment courses and activities is merely siphoning funds from students with disabilities.

“We question the ability of anyone to prove that a student with a 4.0 GPA needs special education services because his educational performance is significantly affected, ” Susan Vaugn wrote in a letter to the Louisiana Department of Education on behalf of the special educators’ organization.

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But supporters of the gifted and talented program charged back that eliminating accelerated opportunities will leave intellectually advanced students bored and more likely to act out in school.

Now a state task force is looking into the issue and attempting to find ways to keep the gifted and talented program without pulling resources from other special education services, reports The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune. To read more click here.