More needs to be done to address the unique issues facing adults with Down syndrome who have dementia, advocates in England say.

The issue is becoming increasingly acute as more people with Down syndrome live to old age. That’s because a buildup of a protein linked to the chromosomal disorder appears to make Alzheimer’s disease more likely in those with Down syndrome.

But in a recent government report on dementia, the experiences of those with Down syndrome were generally overlooked, advocates charge. And that leaves caregivers at a loss.

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There are few options for people with Down syndrome, advocates say, who tend to get Alzheimer’s at younger ages that the rest of the population. Already Alzheimer’s disease is estimated to affect as many as 50 percent of England’s adults with Down syndrome in their 50s. Some end up in nursing homes alongside people their parents’ age.

British government officials say the dementia report highlighted the needs of all citizens affected by the condition, including those with Down syndrome, reports the BBC. To read more click here.