A Michigan girl’s experience with her brother who has autism is the topic of a new short on the The Disney Channel.

Melody Igafo-Te’o, 13, and her brother Michael, 15, are featured in a 2-minute segment called “The Time I Realized My Brother was Different,” which is airing regularly on the cable channel. The film is based on a book Melody wrote about her experiences with her brother.

In the segment, Melody talks about how she’s felt embarrassed when friends did not understand why her brother didn’t want to play with them. She confesses that living with her brother can be “crazy” at times, but says she hopes the film will help people have a better understanding of those around them who have autism.

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The siblings were filmed over the summer at a miniature golf course near their home in Jackson, Mich. and the segments are currently airing, reports the Jackson-Citizen Patriot. To read more click here.