For years Vera Word struggled to get a full sentence out of her son with autism. In the end, all it took was a cell phone.

Word’s son Jonathon, 15, never learned to talk. Though the teen understands words, no one ever knew if he could read. Word tried all kinds of communication devices — everything from pictures on a key chain to alphabet magnets on the refrigerator and a hand-held device for children called Franklin.

But for one reason or another, nothing ever clicked with Jonathon, who lives in Wichita Falls, Tex. Over the years, Word learned to fill in the blanks when her son pointed at a picture, but she feared that future employers wouldn’t be able to see through to the intelligent boy inside.

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That all changed when Word got a new cell phone and taught Jonathon to text. For the first time he is expressing full thoughts. And, best of all, the technology is age appropriate helping him to fit in with his peers, reports the (Wichita Falls, Tex.) Times Record News. To read more click here.