In what is believed to be a first of its kind trial, a mom will argue that Botox injections meant to treat her daughter’s cerebral palsy instead killed the girl.

In a trial beginning Wednesday in California, lawyers for Dee Spears will argue that an overdose of Botox was responsible for the death of Spears’ daughter, Kristen, at age 7.

Kristen received a series of seven Botox treatments during the 15 months preceding her death. The injections were intended to mitigate the symptoms of cerebral palsy. Instead, Dee Spears contends the treatments weakened Kristen’s muscles allowing pneumonia and respiratory failure to take root.

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The case comes amid much debate about the safety of Botox for the treatment of spasticity in those with cerebral palsy. Just this week two neurology groups published new guidelines saying that despite some risks, Botox is a generally safe and effective treatment for children and adolescents with cerebral palsy.

Nonetheless, the Food and Drug Administration issued warnings last spring about the practice after reports of hospitalization and death in some children who underwent the treatment.

Botox is typically used to remove wrinkles. It is not approved by the FDA for treatment of cerebral palsy, though it is approved for such use in other countries, reports the Los Angeles Times. To read more click here.