At 70, Edgar Call is believed to be the oldest man living with Down syndrome. But at home with his adopted family, he’s just one of the kids.

After decades living in group homes, Call moved in with Van and Veanne Elg and their three daughters in West Boise, Idaho. That was 17-years-ago.

Today, the family says they can’t imagine life without Call. The girls consider him their older brother and he refers to Veanne Elg as his mom.

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Call, who has the mental abilities of a toddler, is known as a practical joker who loves to sing and dance. Though he has developed some difficulty hearing and has trouble with his vision, Call attends a day program and remains active.

Reaching old age is rare for individuals with Down syndrome who are prone to heart defects, early onset dementia and other ailments. The Elgs say they learned from representatives of Guinness World Records that Call is believed to be the oldest living male with Down syndrome.

Some suggest that the family life Call has with the Elgs may be one reason for his longevity.

Now that Call is getting older, the Elgs briefly considered moving him to a care home, but decided that they couldn’t stand to part with him. “It was never really an option to let him go. We’ve gained so much more than we’ve given,” Van Elg told the Idaho Statesman. To read more click here.