Christi Hockel always dreamed of a white wedding, but since she was born with Down syndrome, her parents were never sure that marriage would be in the cards.

Hockel, 31, was there to catch the bouquet at each of her five older siblings’ weddings, always longing to find a love of her own. In the meantime, Hockel’s mother prayed for her youngest child to find a match.

At the National Down Syndrome Congress convention in Minneapolis in 2003, Hockel’s dream caught some traction. There, she met Austin Davenport, 32, who also has Down syndrome, and she soon knew she’d found her match.

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The two both love to dance. She was smitten by his sense of humor, he by her upbeat personality.

The only trouble: Davenport lived in Dallas, Texas, nearly 2,000 miles, from Hockel’s California home. But they talked on the phone and visited often. Soon enough, the pair knew they wanted to be together.

In October they married. Now they speak publicly about their life together and the possibilities that exist despite having a disability, reports the Contra Costa (Calif.) Times. To read more click here.