A major voice behind the International Paralympic Committee is calling for future winter games to be held simultaneously with the Olympics.

Dr. Robert Steadward, one of the founders of the international Paralympic organizing body, says it’s time for the two events to occur concurrently to share resources and exposure, while also furthering inclusion of people with disabilities.

Steadward’s remarks come as the Paralympic Games are set to kick off in Vancouver Friday, nearly two weeks after the close of the Olympics.

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Under Steadward’s idea, the two games would remain separate in terms of athletes and events, but could share resources like housing and transportation. Such a move would reflect a new level of acceptance of people with disabilities and bring more visibility to the Paralympic Games, which generally garner far less media coverage than the Olympics, he says.

“Why wait 10 days and have to re-energize the spirit that was in this city and this country for two-and-a-half weeks just last week? If we could have been incorporated in that whole situation, which I think can happen, what a wonderful presentation,” The Vancouver Sun reports Steadward said at a luncheon gathering this week.

Despite his comments about the winter games, Steadward said he does not believe it would make sense to incorporate the two events during the much larger summer games because far more athletes are involved, making such a move unfeasible.